InterNACHI Founder quoted in newspaper article about licensing home inspectors in ON.

I loved how this article turned out. Makes licensing look like what it truly is… a very low bar.

Interesting quote:

Looks like InterNACHI certification is going to be more important than ever into the future.

Agreed and here is my comment about the picture.

I saw that too Shane! I like the Home Inspector inside the panel with no Safety Glasses, Gloves and his hand on the breaker.

My advice to Robert Hermann: rather than gathering signatures on petitions, perhaps you should gather some eye wear. You don’t want to be pushing those breakers around with your face that close to an open electric service panel.

I recommend that you take this free, online inspection course (it is open to non-members like you): Safe Practices for the Home Inspector.

These RHIs always get their pictures in the paper doing something goofy.

This article appeared in a local Missouri paper the week that the doomed ASHI home inspection bill had its public hearing. It’s author appeared before the House and the Senate to testify with us against the proposed licensing bills that were, presumably, fast tracked and destined for early approval. Both bills are now officially dead.

Many of the same principles cited in it apply to Canada and elsewhere …

We’re writing the newspaper and asking for permission to use the PIC of that goofy RHI in our Safe Practices for Home Inspectors course.

Cool— Good luck with that;-)


You trouble maker Nick! LOL

I know. LOL

“The truth, you can’t handle the truth”.

That is the mindset of lawmakers these days to the American public.

It’s just another form of staging…

Do RHI’s also give estimates of repairs? In one paragraph it says “Some have sued successfully when inspectors have been wildly inaccurate about a home’s structure and mechanicals, AND THE COSTS OF NECESSARY REPAIRS.”. Then 2 paragraphs later, it states for the homeowner to “DEMAND a clear statement on the foundation and structural integrity and ESTIMATES OF REPAIR COSTS.” They must be doing business differently in OAHI & CAHPI ???
I also liked the part about OntarioACHI being their biggest RIVAL !!

Chris - Not likely today, but in the days of the Old Wild West - anything goes, set your own inspection standard - yes.

A few trips with home inspectors in court backed in the 90’s seemed to take care of that issue.

Even that as was reported does not “stop” a naive inspector of avoiding risk or screwing up!

The point being even forgetting about targeting the association - it’s the individual inspector that is first at fault, and if a member of an association - it would may make the association look bad! So no association is perfect…or can escape the shortcomings of its’ members.

Here we go. The big propaganda program to convince the masses that the home inspection industry is out of control and the great Retired Home Inspector organization is coming to the rescue.
The government denied any plans to regulate HI’s but within 12 months BC invoked regulations. Alberta government did not say anything in fact they did everything via secret back room meetings. Because we were at the table CMI was recognized as the top qualified Inspectors and were grandfathered for licencing and we retrained them to do the most through peer review that proves that anyone that passes uses proper inspection procedures, writes proper reports and is able to present the findings of inspection to the client with competence and confidence.
So guys Ontario is on the ramp and it is going to happen. Ignore the warning at your peril. You may not want licencing but it is not a question of if but when.
You had better be at the table so your interests are represented.
It’s not the other HI assoc but the Realtors that want licence so that they can off load responsibility onto HI’s.
AlbertaNACHI in conjunction with InterNACHI has the best certification process in the world resulting in the best and most qualified Inspectors. CCHI is the best and they get lower Insurance rates. The West is the Best.

We have been hearing that in our state, now, for ten consecutive years.

This year, 24 individual legislators representing every party in the State of Missouri co-sponsored the bill … and it never made it past the public hearing.

On the Senate side of our legislature, the bill was sponsored by the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee … a very powerful position … and he intimated to me in a private meeting after the public hearing that he wished he had never sponsored the bill. It died there, too. ASHI and the Missouri real estate sales associations are still scratching their heads and trying to understand why their “inevitable” licensing law keeps biting the dust year after year after year.

In other words, after ten years … Missouri is no closer to having a licensing law.

With the correct strategy, licensing efforts can be thwarted in the United States. I don’t know enough about how things work in Canada to say that the same thing can happen there … but I can tell you that the most certain way of getting a licensing bill passed in our country is to convince those opposing it to stop fighting and to sit “at the table”.

I now there is no talk about licensing but there is allot of soft reports going on in areas. This is one area the Government must attack to prevent such criminal action. Ontario has not been regulated and does need some structure to prevent Home Inspectors from strapping on a ladder to the car and throwing on a Home Inspection logo.
I personally feel that an inspector should have about 225 logged hours of CE and 25 Home Inspections but not all can meet that criteria in a downed economy. Steps should be made to increase the education and reduce the home inspection requirements plus those already doing inspections should be consulted by the Government as to what will work for the good of the majority.
Things left on the loose will just cause shame to the Professional look of the Associations.

Consumers should always check to make sure their inspector isn’t an RHI.

After seeing this article and some that are doing the soft reports I would agree Nick and if they are RHI they need another designation like InterNachi, OntarioAchi or CCHI.:shock: