InterNACHI gives back.

Nick, Ben, Paige, Mack Weathers, and InterNACHI’s first member Bill Turtle getting ready to donate blood. :smiley:

2011-10-29 13.08.55.jpg

You guy’s are the BEST!!!

Check out Ben & Paige!

2011-10-29 13.57.48.jpg

2011-10-29 13.45.17.jpg

Aubrey is getting ready to donate… THANKS AUBREY!!

2011-10-29 12.26.44.jpg

Mack Weathers from InterNACHI … … it IS Halloween weekend… he is letting the vampires get him…

2011-10-29 13.37.58.jpg

Many of our other conference attendees gave blood. I wish I had pictures of them all! Here is one more.

I just want to say to EVERYONE. You gave the gift of life :slight_smile: THANK YOU !!!

2011-10-29 12.53.58.jpg