InterNACHI has 19 employees, but Nick and I are the only ones in today.

Have a fun and relaxing weekend everyone!

Make him take out the trash .

Chloe just walked through the door. With three, we can sail the ship.

Shoot me.

Don’t shoot yourself now !
Who would everyone have to complain to if you were gone ?

You do pay time in a half for having to work WITH you ? Yes ?

It’s pretty difficult for only 3 people to run this place.

Nope, not 3, 4. Count me in!

You should pay them ladies more since I’ll bet they do all the work.:wink:

Alysse made it in… saved by the French again.

Nick, I thought we already agreed that Clothing Optional Fridays were a bad idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joe, that’s NOT what Nick meant by “clothing optional”! :shock:

I have arrived! All is now well.

I just spent 3 hours sitting at the Drivers License Center renewing my license.

Where at Wal-Mart ? Just Jokin’

Ain’t government employees wonderful?

I watched in fascination recently when I renewed mine.

It was actually comical to see how they had built in total inefficiency into their operation.

4 people behind the counter with less than 10 people trying to get er done and still I had to wait and wait see to 3 out of the 4 and wait some more.

What a waste.

Now you only have one week of e-mails to catch up too right Ben. I will wait for your response next month.:mrgreen: