InterNACHI has provided its members over 900,000 free click-thrus to their sites...

… in just the last 15 months:

Mine always says 2 every month.:frowning:
Do I need NACHI ad words?:slight_smile:

I get leads, but it comes in the form of junk mail, not inspections :frowning:

A click-through is not “mail” or “email”… it is traffic.

I think its odd that I get a weekly e-mail touting how many “leads” came from InterNachi, but somehow they must sneak through google analytics because InterNachi is never listed. Hmmm

Test it.

Find your site through one of our consumer lead generators such as

Click on your site.

Then confirm that the click-thru is recorded in (this might take a moment).

At this point, you will know for a fact that someone certainly clicked through to your site, because you are the “someone.”

Then find your own click-thru in your Google Analytics.

If you can’t find it in your Analytics, you’ll know it isn’t because the click-thru didn’t occur.

These are clicks off pages that are not from Browsers.
Are we counting Forum clicks as those would just be other inspectors ?

If known, displays (in the right column) where the click-thru came from.

I always ask my clients where or how they found us so I can keep track of my marketing. I can say I do get many new clients from some of NACHI’s search portals. I actually just got a new inspection including Radon test last week through

Thanks Nick

Jim :cool:

I really have to give my props to Nick and NACHI pnce again, as I just recieved another lead about an hour ago that came in from InspectorSeek

I happened to be here got the email immediately replied. The potential called me on the phone, and I now have it locked up and set up for Thursday. A full Inspection, plus Radon testing…$360.00 and it’s a small townhouse and only like 3 miles from me. I really needed this one as the bad weather here last week was costly.:neutral:

Thanks Nick.