InterNachi in other countries

Hello all…

Does anyone know of a list of all of the countries that InterNachi is involved in? I have searched this site, and find mention of other countries, but no actual list of them. Any help is appreciated. :smiley:

Let me start the list off…

Puerto Rico

New Zealand. Nick, Paige and myself and my fiance are going in Septemeber to home show there with 70,000 people (not bad for a country of 2.5 million).

Thanks Dominic. :smiley:

I am in process of developing inspector link pages on my site, and thought I would include one for our overseas brothers/sisters. :smiley:

Have a great trip… make sure you take and post lots of pictures. :cool:

Puerto Rico isn’t a foreign country but we have 102 due paying members in PR.

504 in Canada.

Thanks Nick :smiley:

BTW… I never said “foreign”, I said overseas :stuck_out_tongue:

After reading through all I can handle tonight… here is what I came up with, so far…

Well, I don’t think Puerto Rico is “overseas” although you have to go over some sea to get to it. :stuck_out_tongue: Just bustin your stones a bit.