InterNACHI in the news again: CBS News.


Good deal. Just some FYI, as somebody running for a State office in Colorado, and a home inspector here, I would like the names of the folks that are hoping to push license legislation in 2017, perhaps I can sit in and help them draft/figure out what’s wrong with what they are pushing…

Marcy, contact Jim Krumm at CO Best Home Inspections. He was a driving force on trying to make it good for us.
Last I heard, it was a realtor in CAR that had an inspector kill a deal and he was going to punish all of us.

Why don’t you set down AND let them know thats it not needed, and show them why the used house commissioned sales force try to push this … NOT for the public but for themselves.

We’ve fought it back since 2002 in Missouri; and helped get it removed in Kansas after the ASHI crowd, trial attornies and REA’s got it put into play there.

If you get organized its really easier to squash it than go along with the blow job.

Thanks! I’ll contact him.

Dan, I would love to block/stop, but the reality of the political winds in CO right now, is more and more regulations/licensing. Those that don’t want it only control the Senate, the other control the Gov and the House. Although my prefered method would be no government intrusion, if they are going to push it (much like the gun restrictions), then I want to make sure I’m on the side that makes it good, not run by REA and folks that don’t know what a home inspection is. First I gotta win my primary, then the general, then I can really work to help inspectors, not harm us.

The problem with that thought is that right now we’re like herding cats.

GET the home inspectors in an 5x8 room and its a different story.

Some things we found out 14 years ago WERE:

  1. Once licensed everybody with more people, more votes, more $$$ and more votes can fairly well yank your chain (And by the way thats just about everybody);

  2. Realtors, builders, trial attorney’s in most states have thousands of votes to throw toward swaying legislators … We don’t.

  3. Realtors, builders, trial attorney’s in most states have more than a couple million dollars in their political action fund to provide campaign contributions to swaying legislators … We don’t.

  4. They get their hands on ONE home inspection gone south and try to convince the media that IF we only had licensing that would NEVER have happened … BS.

The list goes on and on. Don’t be naive. Once you foolishly concede and think you’ll make it the best possible, THEY’ll change the rules on you.

Tell me does Colorado have a MANDATORY state wide building code; or do they have MANDATORY licensing of ALL trades in the state; or does every city (even rural ones) have MANDATORY code inspections?

IF the answer to any of those questions is NO, you’ve got a great platform to stand on as to why LICENSING is bogus in Colorado.

Who pushes for licensing? Answer that.

It really frustrates me that it is the REA’s that want licensing. And it is them who should always recommend the best home inspector, the best repair person of any trade, and the best mortgage lender. They do not. They want the cheapest. The NAR requires every REA to serve the client to the best of their ability, so why don’t they only recommend CMI’s???

REA’s want licensing, so all HI’s will do the same, basic inspection and report, such as in Texas. They want basic; not education, so the home buyer does not get alarmed, the home will sell, and they will make money, the office broker gets their cut, the lender gets their commissions, yada yada.

Don’t think that HI licensing can go away? We got it done here in Kansas. Always remember: if you have a driver’s license, that makes you the best available driver…IMHO, state licensing of HI’s is bogus in every state.

You will unfortunately find the other side does not want fair licensing. I learned that from dealing with it in Missouri. Every time the other side says they want the licensing to protect the consumer, you just jump in and propose an education requirement such as Texas and that all home inspectors has to meet those requirements. They cannot say some existing home inspectors are the problem and then grandfather in those inspectors. Just make sure all your home inspectors make different arguments, because legislatures will only give everybody a limited time to speak.
We heard the crap at the beginning that licensing is inevitable, that stopped after of few years handing the Realtors their asses back.