InterNACHI in the news. CMI David Valley featured in The Christian Science Monitor.

Nice Dave…Real Nice…!!!



Ditto, great exposure Dave, now if you could just get the same from the Muslim Science monitor and the Hindu Science monitor :wink:

Great publicity mate, well done




Nice job Dave!

Nice job David. Great presentation in the news report.


The Christian Science Monitor is a 100 year old, very respected paper.

Thanks guys and Nick.

The CSM interview was great. The CSM photographer must have taken over a thousand pictures (I felt famous for an hour) and only used three of those pics. They did a fantastic job on the article.

Infrared (Thermal) scanning is going to be big this year, due to the many homeowners wanting to decrease their exorbitant heating bills. I’m doing more IR Energy Efficiency scans right now than I’m doing in home inspections.

Now that winter is here…Once this technology gets out to the public more than it is now, and advise them of what IR can do, the IR requests will start pouring in.

I’ll have another IR article in the Bat State Parent magazine at the beginning of the December. I’ll post it here when it’s out.

I’ll be going for the local news channels next.

The CSM article can be seen much clearer when it’s finally on-line.

Ok…here’s the official on-line version. It’s much clearer.

Great job! Keep up the Good Work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job David!

My infrared business is now advertised in a well-known Magazine Bay State Parent.
Simply scroll down to “Thermal Imaging” HERE. (Disregard the spelling errors)

Great Job Dave

Another Law and Disorder Alum makes good.

Way to go David!

Thanks Joe. I haven’t seen you in a while. Where’ve you been?