InterNACHI inspector booth at Home Show in Kansas on May 4-6, 2016.

Inspector booth manned by member Patrick Butler of

Thanks Patrick.

Tried it. Buck and Dan had a CMI one. Didn’t work. Not worth the cost.

It depends on what you are promoting. For a home show, there is one thing that works well and will land you crazy inspection work: A custom brochure based on 1/2 the people at a home show are contemplating hiring a contractor soon.

Which home show is it?

Gary …

This is embarrassing. I went to Junction City once last month (5,900sf and new) and Manhattan once (4,706sf and out over 100 yrs old) cause they said they couldn’t find anyone out there, and this guys web site said he’s been doing it since 2009. If we had known there was someone out there, we could have referred him.

I am with you. I do more inspections in Miami and Franklin counties than in any county around KC. I did several the last two weeks in Ottawa, KS.

IMO, the $199 franchise companies have the greater KC area locked up. Heck, they can send 5 guys out to one home to do an inspection in 45 minutes. The REA’s love that, and they are cheap. All for a reason.