InterNACHI Instructor

Thanks to InterNACHI instructor Britt Treece for the great course today. Knocked out my 4 hours of state required CE update training.

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Nice way to get your CEUs. :smile:

Absolutely, this course has to be taken in person or on-line through a live webinar. I hate the thought of sitting through a 4 hour webinar with someone monitoring you. He’s out of the Raleigh area and will be offering more CE training throughout the year.

Yeah, that was a good time! I did last year’s mandated class online and it was painful. It was so good to actually be in a room with other humans this time. I’ll second the shout-out to Britt - he’s been great.

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We missed you in the photo. Sorry it was a last minute idea! Yep glad to have met you too. Some great discussion during the breaks and lunch. Britt also gave us some bonus goodies