Internachi IR Class

I have been contemplating taking this class and have a question about it. Is it enough to get you started and should you be taking more? It seems a little to good to be true. I think that IR is a great tool but in our area it is just that. One more tool to use on the job. If you market it properly you may be able to get a few IR inspections but it is very new to most people and will take time to educate them.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Your questions have been discussed many many times here, I am not going there again you have to decided how far you personally want to go, wanta talk about it call me 580-268-3340

Give Charley a call for some straight forward info.

I found the class useful and oriented to many levels of home inspectors.

Some may desire more technical I.R. training but it really depends on what you intend to do in the I.R. field.

John’s course is geared toward specifically home inspectors with some knowledge of how a house works and typical construction practices.

Decide first what you intend to do with I.R. and it will be easier to select the training.

Give me a call if you want to discuss.

to getting into trouble…


It is important to know the limitations of your equipment and your skill set.

Your statement is ridiculous.:roll:

Maybe to you…

Got proof?
I do, from client testimonials.


Your clients take the course?

Not sure what you mean. Please explain.

I think the course in question is fine depending on what your expectations are and what you what to do with I.R.T.

His statement is ridiculous to you because you are staying in your box. You need to change the “your” in your statement to “my”. It is not fair to others reading this thread for you not to disclose the fact that you are not looking to expand outside of your skill set, which could potentially require different training and equipment. It is also not fair to anyone you would potentially talk to in a phone conversation about IR. I am not trying to insult you here. However, you could be really leading someone down the wrong path that is looking to expand their offerings and abilities.

Also see Charley’s and David’s thread on “double teaming”. I wonder if they got paid $350 for that “inspection”? :roll: Getting $0.10 per sq ft on flat roofs is not out of the question…do the math.

Greg, you can check out SuccessIRies for free here: The first two sessions are free.

Jason Kaylor - JJ
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EVERY inspector needs to know his equipment and the limits of his own knowledge.

Jason should mention he sells I.R. cameras and training and is rather biased about the whole matter.

Not every inspector desires to do I.R. to the level that Charley, David and others do.

They have made a successful transition to I.R.T. and provide services far outside the scope of a average home inspection.

They also have the equipment and training to enable them to be qualified for those tasks and they should be commended for it.

Perhaps Jason is willing to explain how the course in question here is not adequate for a home inspector looking to improve service to his clients by providing a more thorough inspection using I.R. to identify a number of issues that might otherwise be missed.

We are not a training provider and do not sell training. I can pass on discounts offered to us by training facilities to the end user, but training is not my gig. That holds true for anything we sell, not just IR. If someone wants a distance learning IR course that is of level I,II,III status then I know where to get it. If they want a local hands on course of Level I,II,III then I know where to get it. If they want to stay strictly within home inspections with IR and don’t mind a distance live course, then I tell them to go to John. From a savings standpoint it makes a lot of sense to buy a camera and training at the same time and package them together (John does this from the training side, I do it from the equipment side)…providing you have a business plan in place as to what you want to do with IR and where you would like to be in 1,2,3,4,5,etc years with it.

I sell cameras, but I am not sure what that has to do with anything. I will sell you an I3 if you want it bad enough or a $80k short wave camera. However, I will not tell someone why they should buy a short wave camera if they do not have the application or back ground for its applications. This line of argument or bashing or politicizing the conversation makes as much as much sense as a realtor not dealing with you because you are a home inspector.

I never said John’s course was bad…please point out where I stated that in my previous post. I just think the OP should be calling people that actually do real IR work in the field like Charley or David who understand what is available within the world of IR outside of just a home inspection. It is going to be tough getting a non-bias view from someone that adds it on for free or has IR as a novelty. Charley and David are also home inspectors, so they will be able to cover whatever you would be saying anyway.

Jason Kaylor - JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply

My mistake on the training.

You may not have said it was bad but that did not stop you from accusing me of not thinking outside the box.

Not every home inspector has an interest in buying high end expensive cameras to do home inspections.

So no it is not a ridiculous statement.

Lets try algebra.

X=Home inspection IR knowledge
Y=Industrial infrared applications knowledge
Z=Building infrared applications knowledge
A=Horse infrared inspection knowledge.
B=HVAC infrared inspection knowledge.
C=Flat roof infrared inspection knowledge.
D=Marine infrared inspection knowledge.
E=Electro/Mechanical infrared inspection knowledge.

Now give yourself a point for each. IE: X+A+B=

Now tell me who Greg should be calling? I will give you a hint…that answer isn’t you…it isn’t me either, I lack Z,D,A and am way behind David on B.



I would be happy to give my personal view on the class and just what it is good for.

You know nothing about me or my background and yet you feel qualified to pass judgment on my knowledge.

Get over yourself.

Jason, you’re a thermographer aren’t you?

Okay… I’m confused. Let’s use your “algebra” codes…

The OP is inquiring about training X
The OP wishes to know the quality of training X
The OP does not indicate any intent to do more than X
Why would the OP need opinions of inspectors YACDE

Seems to me, only those that have taken training X and possibly any other training should even respond.

Jason… do you have direct knowledge of training X ???

Trust me, I do not see eye to eye with John M., but I think in fairness to the OP, someone that has actually taken the class (X) should have higher authority as to it’s usefullness, good or bad.

Exactly as I see it.

Linus, yes.

Michael, I wasnt trying to insult your background. I just do not think you should be giving people advice about potential applications in a field that you have limited experience in. In the long run you could could really hurt their bottom line.


If your using a Thermal Imaging Camera during the course of a Home Inspection you should have nationally recognized training in the field of Thermography.

I couldn’t imagine being in a courthouse telling the jury…

No I’m not a Thermographer, I took an a class about it, but I’m not a Certified Thermographer…insane.

I guess my post was a little harsh. It really isn’t about training X vs training Y. It is more about potential revenue in the IR world. Michael was offering his advice to the OP and told him to call him. Yes Michael can tell you his experiences with John’s course, but he cannot tell you about John’s course vs other revenues streams not covered in John’s course. Because of Michael’s limited background in IR and his limited training in IR his perception is going to be very limited and not very accurate…as far as the entire IR revenue world is concerned.