InterNACHI is launching its own affordable Group Health Insurance Plan for members.

(Robert Young) #21

Do we give him credit when he blows up the planet? I am pretty sure any AHPs then possible maybe impeded. Read the fine print for the, “If blow up the planet exclusion please.”

(Chuck Evans, CMI TREC 7657) #22

Stick to Canadian politics dimwit. You have your own issues. Why can’t they get your meds right?

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #23

Not sure why you have any interest in something that has no concern to you. I hope you get your meds worked out.:roll:

(John Paul de Oliveira, GB-2 #86934 / AB #44580) #24

Trump has some positions that parallel far left and far right positions. Less military adventurism, the repeal of NAFTA (&all the others), promoting a US industrial base. All policies that would strengthen our country imo.

What does it matter what party or person is promoting these positions? Good is good.:cool:

(Cody J. Jones) #25

What’s the status on the health care program? I cannot wait to drop my horrible plan that is legally required.

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(John M. Zirzow, 2111-106) #27

Thank You Nick !!

(Jay Latzman, CMI) #28

Any update on this Nick?

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #29


(Kelly R. Regan) #30

Completed the survey… I pay an outrageous 860 a month for a family of 5 and a 13,600 deductible.

(Cody Sorrell, TREC License #23248) #31

Any update on this?

November is typically when you can change/drop/add health insurance

I’ll need to make a decision on mine soon and it could be the difference between $1500 and $300. Hope InterNACHI came up with something great.

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #32

Bump bump??

(Wesley Hurd) #33

I’m in a very similar situation. Not sure if I will be able to start an inspection business while I’m working full time at my current job. If/when InterNACHI is able to offer a competitively priced health insurance, that will be a game changer for me. Looking forward to hearing more on the subject.

(Dave Fetty, CMI) #34

Any updates?

(Mark R. Melton, CPI) #35


This was posted a long time ago… is there a plan in place? I had no luck finding it on the InterNACHI site. Please advise as soon as possible as I need health insurance for my family.

Mark Melton
Huron Inspections, LLC
(810) 637-1023

(Chuck Evans, CMI TREC 7657) #36

It’s open enrollment. Now is the time to make this real.

(Joshua L. Frederick) #37

Try using fast reply to get an answer

(Cody Sorrell, TREC License #23248) #38

I did, this is the response:

“Hi there! We are currently still in negotiations with major medical providers to try to bring the best rates to our members. There will most likely not be an announcement until late 2019.”

(Mitchel Brooks) #39


(Mark Johnson) #40

Has this happened? Or is it to get feedback to determine if enough members want it to warrant it?