InterNACHI is now a NEHA Educational Member.

NEHA = National Environmental Health Association.

I’ve been a member of NACHI since I was NEHA to a grasshopper.

Licensing solves nothing.


Sounds good Nick! Does this mean they accept NACHI’s radon course? I couldn’t find anything on their website yet.

Does that mean that if we are IAC2 certified, and have passed all of the tests, that we can now claim to be NEHA certified?

Chuck what does the CPI at the end of your name stand for?

I don’t know what being a NEHA Educational Member means to NEHA, you’ll have to ask them.

CPI means:

What does being a NEHA Educational Member mean to you and InterNachi?

Does that mean that InterNACHI’s radon course is now a NEHA-approved course?

Nick, I think what is being asked is, if you have completed the INACHI Radon Measurement course, does that fulfill the NEHA requirements? So , you would be able to pay the fee and be certified by NEHA? Is that what is being asked> That’s how I read it.

I don’t know what it fulfills at NEHA. I can’t speak for them as to what it means to them.

InterNACHI’s courses have so many approvals and accreditations that I’m losing track of where they all are and what they mean. I don’t even post the non-English approvals from many countries. We’re approaching the 1,000 approvals/accreditations mark, worldwide.

Generally, to avoid any misunderstanding, I post the actual letters and certificates I get in the right column of

I got a flyer in the mail, today, from Univ of Minn. who is teaching a radon certification course out here that is “approved by NEHA”.

Can we say the same for the NACHI radon course?

I am also on their mailing list, Jim. Last time I checked, to take the class and the exam, was almost $500. :shock:

I took the course in Minnesota.

Two days plus a day for the optional test.

Good course with a lot of info to cover.

It was around $250 plus test fees when I took it two summers ago.

Yep, sounds about right… test is something like $235 or $285. Would be real nice to save that $250 class fee.

I did not take the test as Radon testing is not regulated in MN or WI.

Exactly why I did not put out the cash. I took the Nachi course so I had some formal education, other than the info available all over the internet.

I needed the CEUS and I went with my brother in law who is a Radon mitigator that needed his CEUS.

He was bored because he had already take it.:shock:

He is a HVAC tech and mitigator.