InterNACHI is now even more international!

InterNACHI has expanded it’s application page! Now applicants from any country in the world will find their country of origin listed and can easily complete the application without having to contact HQ.
This is especially important now that in addition to Puerto Rico, InterNACHI is developing semi-autonomous chapters in Australia, South Africa and Argentina.

In Australia, mandatory energy disclosure legislation has spurred membership. To support this need and to meet the needs of our North American members, Ben Gromicko has headed a team working with the US Dept. of Energy to develop online training for those wanting to provide energy audits. Stay tuned for the InterNACHI-certified Home Energy Inspection online course!

In South Africa, in addition to pressure for time of sale inspection by banks and insurance companies, recently-passed legislation requiring mandatory disclosure of home defects at the time of sale has underlined a need for South Africanized inspection training, education and support. They are talking about needing to field 900 inspectors to meet these needs.

Argentina has no legislation related to inspection at present but also has no inspection industry. We’re working with a couple of well-connected electrical engineers in Buenos Aires to translate all of InterNACHI’s courses into Spanish in order to train Latin American inspectors, so it’s an exciting time of rapid expansion abroad!

Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile. :wink:

I’d like to see us reach 100,000 members, worldwide, by 2013. It looks like we’re well on our way.

When do we start hiring my full-time staff? :D:D:D