Internachi is visible in afghanistan.

Good evening Nick and thank you for all that you and the interNACHI family do for us interNACHI members. (Not always easy, but worth everything you put in).

I must share with you that I got a long distance call from a female Canadian soldier posted in Afghanistan today asking me to perform a home inspection for her next week, while she is away serving and before she returns.

Weather there was nice, I explained how at interNACHI, we perform our inspections and I had to ask her how she had heard of me and she said that she found me through interNACHI on the internet.

Positive feedback is good! Right!

Nick, I am proud to confirm that your marketing works all the way to Afghanistan, how great is that!

Immediately I mentionned to her that she was lucky that I had a conditional Afghanistan special of the day.

Applicable with only one condition:

That she come back unharmed to enjoy peace in her new home.

Oh yes, she booked me and I will be performing her inspection next week in the presence of her mom who may show up in a few inspection pictures that will be e-mailed to Afghanistan.

A complimentary ‘‘Now that you have had a home inspection manual!’’ will be given at inspection.

Thank you Nick and the Gang, this is why we do it!

Marc-Andre.(interNACHI, CMI, Quebec,Canada)


I have done several inspections for military members stationed throughout the world. Many moving here to Leavenworth, KS. Canada, Afghanistan, Germany, even one from the Philippines.

Easy, professional web presence from NACHI is priceless.