InterNACHI lanyards came in today.... getting ready for the Florida Convention!

Thanks Nick! :cool:

Will they be available at there Flamingo?

Did you get any striped ones for the former jailbirds???:p:p

Wow very nice, I’d love to have one of those to replace my old 1 that I use for my company ID card.

Come to Melbourne Jerry. I have one saved for you! :wink:

Great! :cool:

Very nice!

Greg and I had fun in Vegas, boss did too. Forgot to go to the nachi booth. Headed back to florida now. Dom s class was worth the trip.

Dom will be teaching his course in Melbourne for all who missed it. Come to Melbourne and learn from the best. There is a great line up of speakers, so register today.

Looking forward to the trip! I got my flight today.

I am looking forward to your class!