InterNACHI launches a free Issue Resolution Service for members to use.

If a home-buying client has a complaint about their inspection, InterNACHI can try to resolve it for you.

Use our free Issue Resolution Service:

Outstanding! Any way we could see some future resolutions (with the proper information redacted)?

What about sellers?

That’s where I’ve (almost) had issues.

Hmmm the good IRS.

Seller’s that hired you or seller’s of homes you’ve inspected for buyers?

Seller’s of homes I’ve inspected for buyers.

Would this pertain only to Home Inspections or would ancillary services issues such as Mold and Radon (IAC2) also be included?



We’ll take them all.

Hoping not to us this service but thank you! Question - I see that it requested that the client review the NACHI SOP, while waiting to be contacted by a member of NACHI. As I’m in a licensed state would my required SOP be taken into consideration by NACHI for the purposes of this service (haven’t done a line by line comparison of the 2 but believe both are about the same).

Thanks, and NACHI Rocks once again…

Thanks Nick



Attorney Mark Cohen updated the system and form today: