InterNACHI legislation adds licensed home inspectors to those who are exempt from...

There are some in your state who would argue that you need a mold license to order a salad with blue cheese. It reminds me a lot of the guys in Washington state who once were able to BS newbies into thinking they had to have a WDI/WDO license (requiring E&O) to inspect a house, just to scare away the competition.

No. Read lines 37 through 40 in…llText/er/HTML

Excellent post Russell (my humble opinion)
We are going to have to call it sampling not testing. (DBPR)
Over the years “people” have called sampling testing so often we have started doing it. Air Quality testing is a good example.

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Lines 37 through 40 in…llText/er/HTML do not make mention of “square feet.”

What do those line exempt license home inspectors from? In other words, if lines 37 through 40 didn’t exist, how would things be different? This is what the DBPR needs to explain to us. Those lines can’t mean nothing.

Thats what a goverment agency “NEEDS to EXPLAIN to US”? The need to explain nothing. The will send down their judgement and that will be that. Sure we can fight it, we can argue it. But do you really think they are going to allow home inspectors to do mold assessments? That would reduce the number by 70% I guess. Doesn’t make sense to me. What about the insurance amounts? Would we then need a Million? Would it have to be mold specific as well as home inspection?

Too many viarables, to many gray area and to much of cluster. I just don’t see it happening. I am so confident I got $500 riding on it.

We shall see, but the senitment according to the FL NACHI newsletter doesn’t look good.

It would be the end of mold assessor licensing. Why would anyone get a mold assessors license? I would just get a home inspectors license and then do mold. Cheaper insurance, way less training needed, way less experience needed. There would not be a prudent person who would get a mold assessors license they would all just get home insepctors license.

Nick I think Nachi Nickels takes pay pal…get your Credit card ready.

The DBPR doesn’t get to decide who performs mold tests. The elected legislators of the State of Florida get to decide… and they did. The legislators also get to decide who is exempt from complying with the provisions of mold assessment… and they did.

I think they can interpret, can they not? IF there is a question such as this one, can they no give a ruling on the LAW?

PAY PAL…$500 to NACHI NICKELS…won’t happen doesn’t make sense. Kinda like giving an EMT a PA license. The criteria to become a mold inspectors is much more than a home inspector. Just doesn’t pass the common sense test.

Hell if it does happen I will cancel my mold insurance and give up my license and save a TON of money…

As far as the DBPR, I realize they don’t make law, but I do think they interpet and rule on questions and then enforce.

Take a break guys. Wait and see. Personally I will be happy just to be able to call mold I see mold and refer it to the specialist. I don’t care what kind it is if it is there it calls for a forensic investigation to determine the cause. The mold is NOT the problem. The conditions allowing the mold growth are. Good home inspectors are qualified to determine that. More qualified than most other trades.

But that is only 1/2 of the issue. Sometimes the cause has been repaired. Sometimes there is no active defect, now what. Can “good” home inspectors see all mold? What if the house had mold 3 years ago and they just wiped it off. So many issues that are not so obvious, yet can be extremely detrimental. So much more than just what meets the eye.

Let’s not confuse legally qualified with actually qualified. The two are totally different.

I once asked a friend of mine (who is a judge) if she though O.J. was guilty. She replied “No, he is definitely not guilty.” Then, as I looked at her bewildered and as she looked back at me bewildered, for looking at her bewildered, she said… “Oh, you mean is he actually guilty? Yes, of course he is.”

I’m hoping the DBPR attorneys think like my friend the judge.

Nick I see your point. I thought that was to be presented. I now see the last sentence of the bill. I may be the one breaking out my credit card. Time will tell.