InterNACHI member discount on Canary Digital Radon Monitor.

Does this device actually work? Has anyone here tested it? Nick what is your opinion?


It may work but I do not think it is acceptable for professional testing for a real estate transaction.

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks for your input Mike…


I have one and tested it against my Alpha 2 CRM. Nuts on.

I use it to tell people they may wish to test further. $25 for a 2 hour test not EPA or real estate tranaction certified. I make that clear. If levels are high we go to the $150.00 test with canisters or the Alpha.

Very accurate in my tests.

I paid $199 for a demo unit. I see them for anywhere from $220 to $250

Yep, it’s a great up-sales tool. Would likely pay for itself in a week.

Great info Paul and Nick…



What is the accuracy and precision for periods of less than 7 days?

Note: I have a Safety Siren Pro III for personal, family and friends use. It does not even display measured levels until AFTER 48 hours.

It doesn’t have to be very accurate to be meaningful. Measuring radon levels is kind of like measuring your belt size in centimeters. If it shows I have a radon level of 25 pCi/L… should I care that it might actually be only 21 pCi/L or actually be 30 pCi/L? Close enough. I know I have a radon problem.

Radon levels vary wildly. I like the product. I own a similar one. I don’t see how it can be used as a screening tool over very short periods of time.

Radon levels can fluctuate widely hour-to-hour, day-to-day, month-to-month.

Much larger and longer term chart showing pre and post mitigation fluctuations.

Wait for it, Mike. Logo and marketing campaign in the works! :roll:

I emailed them as I am in the market, and they said they will have NRPP certification before the end of the year.

I have no idea if they were being truthful.

Great. We would all love to have a few of these at this price.

I’ll wait until its reality.

Exactly. At that price, I would buy 3-4 right now. I’ll be watching closely.

Are you capable of performing a 48-53 hour test or does it have to be a seven day or one day test?

I would not use the tool to advise a client that they don’t need a radon test (because it shows low radon levels). I’d only use it to advise that they consider having you perform a radon test (because it shows high radon levels).

In other words, don’t use the meter to tell people they have low radon.