InterNACHI member discusses using an IR camera on tonight's news.

Nice …lol thought it was a 10 minute segment to start with but actually 2:50.
Is insurance required in Canada ?

The news show featured an InterNACHI member (Jim Van Loosen), InterNACHI photo I.D. badge, InterNACHI arm patch, IAC2 arm patch, InterNACHI’s Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection book, InterNACHI’s Certified Professional Inspector emblem, and InterNACHI’s course certificates:

Good answer…?

Only in the two provinces that have licensing, Alberta and BC

This inspector is INFRARED CERTIFIED through InterNACHI as well. (near bottom of page)

Plus he is using the images I provided to show what thermal imaging
can reveal (see slide presentation)

He seem like a very professional inspector.

What do you feel about licensing? .

Has it been good for the industry ?

Has it been good for the Public ?

What has the cost been to the inspector ?

Has the cost gone up now?

Do you expect the cost to keep increasing ?

What does E&O insurance cost now ?

What did E&O cost before licensing ?

Is E&O compulsory now ?

Was E&O compulsory before licensing ?

What is the average cost for a home inspection now ?

What was the average cost for a home inspection before Licensing ?

Thanks for reading this I do hope some give their ideas and thoughts .

If you can add any more info great … Roy

What province do you live in?

I hope he has applied for his CMI Logo along with all the other stuff helping Home Inspectors raise the bar of Professionalism.:wink:

It got InterNACHI and Jim in the news, but says nothing about what is actually being done in the province. It was a very poor news piece. They probably just needed to fill four minutes of news cast.

I watched and was impressed. Not only did he portray himself well and professional, he gave an insight into the professionalism of a NACHI inspector. This is something that has been sadly lacking in the eyes of the public about all inspectors.

I dare suspect that the representatives of the other associations in this Province are a little envious. This was much better advertising than the member interviewed by Market Place a few months back.