InterNACHI member Jay Markanich in the news

Jay, you deserve a thread that is not adulterated with the out of control Canadian members rants.

Kudos to you.

Great job.

Awesome Jay. You know I’m a fan of your blog’s on AR. Keep up the great job!!!

Hip, hip hooray for Jay.

Come on back Jay, I am here to enjoy your blogs and comments.

Bump to the top

As they say cream rises. :wink:

Michael - someone emailed me that this was here. Thanks for the mention! I think there was a post by Nick about that article in the Chicago Tribune and LA Times. Did some people have not-so-nice things to say about them? If so, that is THE reason I stopped posting at INachi. I don’t see that Gromiko mention now - did he pull it because of what was said?

And thanks everybody. Those articles have gotten a lot of play nationwide and my business has benefited!

Hi Jae, someone hijacked the original thread for their own agenda and it became rather disturbing.

I reposted the info in the original post of Nicks.

You deserve this thread without the clutter. :smiley:

Thanks Michael. I didn’t see it and apparently Nick pulled it before I did!

If it got nasty, that’s exactly the reason I don’t come here. I only found your post because someone sent me a link. There are people trying to woo me back, but something tells me things haven’t changed a lot!

We’re trying:

Great article now i had a chance to read this time around Good for you Jay.
Thank you Micheal for posting it again.

Darn I missed the hijacking.
I offered congrats in the first one.

Hi Jay,

Hope you’re doing well and congrats!