InterNACHI member Jim Van Loosen discusses licensing on news cast.

The news show featured an InterNACHI member (Jim Van Loosen), InterNACHI photo I.D. badge, InterNACHI arm patch, IAC2 arm patch, InterNACHI’s Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection book, InterNACHI’s Certified Professional Inspector emblem, and InterNACHI’s course certificates:

Then why is licensing needed? Credentials such as this should be enough. However, with many REA’s, they hate detailed reports and experienced home inspectors, because they stand a greater chance of finding defects, so the home buyer walks.

So, they promote licensing. They do this, because licensing allows basic minimum standards and reports, so the home buyer is less likely to be alarmed.

This is the news statement in the news report. Very rare do you hear from a RE that wants a thorough home inspector.

I have stated many times, and have always wondered, where are the credentials for repair persons of all trades and home builders? It seems that HI’s have to always keep fighting and explaining what we do and how we do it, when other trades, and Uncle Bob, have no explaining to do.

My comment is, no comment.

Gary … So right on.