InterNACHI member Jim Van Loosen on TV news show discussing licensing in Ontario.

The news show featured an InterNACHI member (Jim Van Loosen), InterNACHI photo I.D. badge, InterNACHI arm patch, IAC2 arm patch, InterNACHI’s Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection book, InterNACHI’s Certified Professional Inspector emblem, and InterNACHI’s course certificates:

Thank you Nick. That is a great boost for the Ontario association. I have re-posted it on the Ontarionachi site.

Very well done Jim!

It got InterNACHI and Jim in the news, but says nothing about what is actually being done in the province. It was a very poor news piece. They probably just needed to fill four minutes of news cast.

No matter how you look at it , To me it is what we need more of .
Complaints on this forum does zip.
Giving help and doing for others frequently can only make our industry look better.

Agreed Tim. It was a great advertisement piece, but misleading to say that the Government is dragging it’s feet. You can personally attest to the fact that the Government is not dragging it’s feet, as they will soon be in a position to release the recommendations for Home Inspector licensing.