InterNACHI members can join National Foundation of Certified Inspectors for free.

This is a website for something called the National Foundation of Certified Inspectors.

Most of the site is non-functional and there is no identification of the people involved in its creation.

Another thing: according to the dictionary the word “foundation” is as follows … “a permanent fund for a benevolent purpose or for some special object.”

So we can assume from its title that this is a benevolent fund for certain certified inspectors?

William Harrison, President

And who else?

That’s it as far as I can tell. First I have heard of them. 5 years old.

Joined up with them back in 2005. I believe they are defunct. Don’t know why now the resurrection of this organization now. William had a good idea and some good reporting software for the time. Never heard of them in the past couple of years.

What ever happened to Cannachi? Are they still working on things? Never here anything about them anymore.

I know they had an executive meeting a couple of weeks back.

Heard that, but don’t get any updates as to what is actually taking place. Seems as if it is a forgotten entity. Would be nice to see if and when this Association will get going.

NFCI? Their website is terrible, especially when you log on as a member. Furthermore, they don’t appear to answer emails…seems like another useless farce to me. Has anyone had any positive dealings with them?

I thought this was a blast from the past. So I looked up the contact name.

Suggest that it may be of interest to type in “his” name and hit the serach button on the forum. There appears to be a bit of history to this.

Perhaps things have changed, than again suggest looking at all sides of this.

Cheers Claude

So the question has to be … why is Nick Gromicko promoting this guy again?

I tried to “sign up” only got errors.


I get 4 hits on google…2 of which are NACHI links. Still no email reply from 3 days ago. Another sent this morning.

Brand new web page for this site today. Looks like activity is happening at NFCI in the background.

Not sure what to make of it yet but will tread cautiously and see what becomes of it.


My name is up on a contact list but can’t seem to log in.

I have tried this several times and it will not accept anything. Can someone help or give me some ideas. Tried the Nachi member link no good tried to just join 404 error or times out???

When I signed up it gave me the same errors and a couple of days later my name was up.

Here is a list of members.

But for the life of me I still can’t log in.

I am very interested in the IR part of inspections can someone explain to me why we would do these except for energy audits which in my jurisdiction are not really happening …I heard they are very eye catching??? Also does anyone know if there is a national(canadian) agency doing any training for energy audits, I heard mucho dollars???