InterNACHI members can now give their clients a $200 VISA gift card.

It took us nearly a year to procure this deal, so please use it. Print off the flyers to give them using the link enclosed.

This link is password protected for InterNACHI members use only:

Please post your critiques of the program here. I’d like to know what you think of it.

This deal is so sweet for your clients. This is not just some goofy offer. It is REAL VALUE added to your inspection service.

Just to be clear… The client only gets the gift card if and only if, they sign up for the home security system, correct?

So the card is for purchasing the security system, not for purchasing your inspection.

Yeah but look what they get the security system for, and they can’t get either for free unless they are an InterNACHI client. No offer out there touches this one. This is not some B.S. goofy offer. This is honest real added value to YOUR inspection service.

I printed one to give to the folks buying a multi million dollar home in Troon I’m inspecting Saturday.
See what their thoughts are regarding the offer…never know if you don’t try.



I stake my reputation on this next statement: If you were ever considering giving your client a little something extra that adds value to your service… this is it. It is REAL, HONEST, ADDED VALUE for your clients.

Well it certainly will be if they intend to have the system activated, which I’m sure they will.

It should work well, I mean, how could you go wrong by simply handing the pamphlet saying “Want to save a couple hundred bucks?”—Call this number, they’ll fix you up with one of the best security systems available.

Thanks Nick! A very strong deal, I know because my brother use to sell security systems.
I feel the DirecTV deal needs to be renegotiated because I have seen where DirecTV hands out $100 to the one referring and the $100 to the one receiving the deal all over the place. That is $200, so DirecTV is saving $75 if they get a customer through a NACHI inspector. Just something to think about. Again bravo on the ADT deal.

Will ADT allow a similiar deal for commercial clients too?


Can a flyer be designed for commercial inspections too?

Hi Nick,

I printed one last night, handed to my client today, him and his wife were Very Pleased, there is a security system in the house and they planned on calling Brinks or ADT…Their calling ADT.

That worked great…I’ll be printing more for this weekends inspections which are both high end homes…!

I printed Two More for today’s inspections, the Buyers were very Happy…this seems like a good discount for anyone who wants a System installed.

Three Very Happy Clients in two days…This is really good…!!

Is anybody else having trouble with the fine print not coming out clear enough to read? Mine just shows as black splotches.

Hi Steve…Mine printed fine…and clients really like them…!!

Great offer…

Thanks Nick…!


Fine print?? Nobody reads the fine print…

Printed the flyer and the small print does NOT showed + there is NO telephone number to call. If I give this flyer to my clients they will laugh and would think that I have lost it…:frowning: :roll:

Just printed a copy, the number and all fine print is on the copy. Some may need to adjust printer settings. :slight_smile:

John Acaron – Mine printed just fine as well. You need to adjust your printer.