InterNACHI members can offer their clients a discount form Leaf Filter.

ALL leaf control systems are scams! They simply DO NOT work. ALL clients know this. Do not tarnish your reputation unless you have too much business to handle!

(That’s my opinion,and I’m entitled to it)!

Privacy Policy…


Except as described in this statement, we will not disclose your personal information outside of LeafFilter North, Inc. and its controlled subsidiaries and affiliates…
Affiliated Businesses. LeafFilter North works closely with affiliated businesses, including, but not limited to,
its sponsors

LeafFilter North, Inc. occasionally hires other companies (vendor) to provide limited services on our behalf, such as handling the processing and delivery of mailings, providing customer support, hosting websites, processing transactions, or performing statistical analysis of our services. Those service providers will be permitted to obtain only the personal information they need** to deliver the service.

LeafFilter North stores and retains the information provided by customer

When I shop, one of info pages I look for is price/cost.
I cannot find out how much here unless I first fill in a request to claim my discount.

I realize (assume because of Nick) that this is legit but any place
that does not show pricing, even some kind of cost range turns me off.
I did put in my Zip Code but not in my area.
They then ask for my info & they will notify when available.

Sorry, we are not in your area yet.

We’ll notify you when we can service your area!

Exactly why I posted the Privay Policy link. If you fill out the request form, you are subject to the Privacy Policy Terms. Nick has stated that he does NOT vett any Vendors other than making sute they offer members a discount.

Steve… did you notice the parts about your information and Social Media login tools?

IMO… this Privacy Policy is a long and slippery slope!

Why the heck would I do this?

I am a home inspector, not a leaf screen sales person.

This is NOT a benefit to members, this is just a product USING InterNACHI to promote itself.

Why Nick do you let vendors use you and abuse the InterNACHI names like a two bit whore?

My job is to present every deal, offer, and discount to members.

Glad I didn’t waste my time until some responses came in on this thread.

No, your job do right by membership.

Just letting any vendor that comes along and offer a discount to members has the potential to do harm.

We’ve already seen various members complain about aggressive sales calls from vendors claiming to be InterNACHI partners because by you passing along the offer, you have effectively endorsed said product.

How is being called by aggressive sales people helping members?

Look at this, have you vetted them? Do they do a good job? Is this a quality product you have on your home?

What happens in an InterNACHI members passes this along, and they screw up the gutters? Is InterNACHI going to cover the damage?

Letting vendors associated themselves with the InterNACHI name without vetting the product in the end only harms the reputation of InterNACHI.

InterNACHI Gutter Buy Back Program… :wink:

Lol, InterNACHI snowflakes at it again.

LOL… RWS Cult members at it again. :roll:

That’s one of the purposes of the message board, to hear what your fellow members have to say.

Even when they break your own COE ? and can do harm, damage to the inspector, their clients agents etc… and the entire profession?
Did I mention Release all of your clients information to yet another 2rd party?


Yes. In fact, the only way we know anything about any vendor (good or bad) is through this message board, the research members do, and the experiences they have.

So the naive “hungry” inspectors are basically guinea pigs. :twisted:

Some of us are. The first few members who used Dominic’s software were essentially guinea pigs. They reported back. Some had complaints. Dominic read those complaints. He replied. He made corrections. And other inspectors saw that and became HIP users. And that’s how HIP came to be. The system works.

Really? Every offer with no concern to the product itself?

So if a porn company offered all NACHI members 25% off their products would you link to their site?

If the Bunny Ranch offered all NACHI members a discount on prostitutes, would you publish this discount?


No, over, over obviously.