InterNACHI members get a 3-month free trial to Breeze.

Thanks for posting! I am happy to answer any questions members have about the Breeze app here. [size=5]The Breeze app allows you to run your business from your smartphone, including scheduling, notifications to clients when you are running late, invoicing, accepting payments and more.

Please watch this quick overview video to learn more.

[/size]Thanks in advance for trying Breeze!
Chuck Solomon

App runs on IOS only for now. A large contingent of us are Android.

What are the monthly payments once the 3 months are over?

When will it be android compliant?

App is cr-p
Not working on my Samsung or HTC devices.
Totally worthless.
Must have been designed by one of those Apple Boys.

An Android version is in the works and should be ready this Spring.
Thanks for your interest!

? Bob ? It hasn’t even come out for Android yet. Confused at your post I am…

You’re right Bob!!

Sorry Bob it currently is only available on iOS devices. The Android version will be out in the Spring.

The monthly fee has not yet been decided as they are seeking feedback on this from current iOS beta users. When it is, I will post on this thread. However, I anticipate it will be very affordable as well as offer a good value for the the things that it can do.

The Android version will be out in the Spring.

I have suggested to others on Android to find someone that has an iPad, iTouch, or iPhone just so they can check it out.

Thanks for your interest!


I already use my smart phone for all that you mention, why would I pay u extra for such a thing?

The beauty of Breeze is having it all in one place, not piecing it all together with different apps that don’t communicate with each other. Breeze seamlessly integrates all these tasks – scheduling, customer communication,mapping, invoicing and payments all in one place.

Thanks to all the InterNACHI members that have already tried out the App. If you have any feedback or comments, you can do so within the App. Or I am happy to address them here.

Breeze would love to get further feedback from InterNACHI members. The trial is free and no credit card is required. Please learn more at