InterNACHI members get an exclusive deal on insurance with FREA.

Good Morning Mr. Garrison:

I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to the team at
FREA and the counsel they appointed for me. I’ve been a home inspector
for almost 22 years and I have seen pretty much everything you could
possibly imagine. I take pride in providing the most thorough and fair
inspection possible to my clients. With all that said and with only a
few small glitches in nearly 1000 inspections I’ve performed, I was
shocked when I was delivered a certified letter from an attorney
pertaining to what appeared to be a frivolous issue. I contacted FREA
with my problem; they really calmed my fears and said I would be
contacted by their appointed attorney. Not long after these calls were
made, I received 2 more of those dreaded letters. After I regained
consciousness, I reluctantly called my FREA representative with the BAD
news. Once again, the calmed me and handled everything very
professionally. The counsel they provided have been the most thorough
anyone could possibly ask for My appointed attorney pursued every
possible angle to assure me they were in my corner with me for the
duration of these legal proceedings. After nearly one year from the date
this all began, 2 of the 3 lawsuits have been dismissed with prejudice
and the other one is looking very favorable. I am thankful to GOD for
FREA and the counsel they provided me during this very intense and
trying test. Without the total confidence and backing of such a fabulous
company, I could not have endured this trial. To some of you who may be
think price is the only thing that matters when it comes to E&O
insurance please let me put your minds at ease. You REALLY GET WHAT YOU
PAY FOR with FREA so don’t be fooled into shopping around it won’t be
worth your time.

Decatur Alabama

Looks a bit overpriced to me.