InterNACHI members saved consumers $44 billion... and counting!

So, what formula (if there is any) is used to “estimate” the value of…number of…savings of… etc…?

Estimated number of inspections performed by InterNACHI members (That’s over 35 million inspections!

So if there were 10,000 INachi members, which there is not, that would average at 3,500 inspections performed by Every member over a 10 year period, which would average 350 per year. :roll:

IMO the estimation is a* little* generous.

William, Report Review Committee data showing commonly discovered defects in average report x average cost to correct for each defect - average cost of inspection x average number of inspections performed per year x number of members for each year of InterNACHI added up for each year.

Christopher, it is way conservative. We went back more than 10 years and didn’t just count the U.S. and didn’t count ancillary inspections or commercial inspections at all in our calculations.