InterNACHI membership in Canada tops 1,400 inspectors.

Good for NACHI

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Thank’s Nick.

Great for NACHI. Over 1,400 members.

Is NACHI considering 500 CAD instead of USD for Canadian inspector’s membership?

Please go to control panel at the top and put in you info so we know where you live .

Thanks … Roy C

That is actually quite a bit higher than for long time Members who do not pay that rate. Once you join, your rate remains unchanged.

Unfortunately, the exchange rate is not in our favour at this time… Not InterNACHI’s fault…

You are a member already.
Samir Patel: (Member in Good Standing, through October 27th, 2018.)

You think $636 Canadian for one year membership to InterNACHI is going to hinder your companies profits?

So how much you pay for the logo?
At $500.00 US or $636 Canadian the resources are acquired are worth the price of admittance.