InterNACHI membership in Ontario tops 500!

Thank you Nick, NACHI rocks again!!

You have a great organization. Thanks for all your help.

If some members are invisible, how do you know they’re there?

Due to member complaints, we no longer count invisible vendor members in our membership numbers.

Good lord! I can not keep up I just mailed out 125 surveys for feed back on Insurance and Bonding. Now we got 132 members. Thats a 600% increase in three years.

If this keeps up Nick, You are going to have to move head office to Alberta.

Vern, try iContact. For $10 a month you can send out mass emails to your members, including surveys. Much cheaper than snail mail (if that’s how they went out!).

Damn, the Floridians outnumber everyone!

hi bull !

I tried mass emails but too many got bounced because they were flagged as spam and were not delivered. I surewould like to use email it’s a whole lot less work.