InterNACHI membership in Texas tops 650!

Onwards and upwards!

Yes and Oklahoma would be lucky to have 50 what is the deal

It’s Oklahoma… :mrgreen:

We barely have 600 in the whole state and most of them are that other organization or out of business:(

80 InterNACHI members in Oklahoma.

That is not onward and upward:D;-)

There are only 3.8 million people in Oklahoma compared to 26.2 million in Texas.

Yes I know, Houston has more population than the whole State of Ok

So doing a little math: (650 X 3.8 / 26.2) - 80 = 14. We need only 14 more members in OK to match the per capita InterNACHI membership in Texas. Onwards and upwards!

My math equates a little different: License # = 600+,Nachi membership =80= 520 to the other org or no org

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