InterNACHI membership in Washington State tops 300.

That’s one fourth of all licensed inspectors in the state.Wa. state also has some of the lowest inspection related lawsuits in the country from what I hear.

Actually, it is about 35% of the inspectors in the state. You can’t go by license number. There have been hundreds that are expired, cancelled, retired and never took the test.

I stand corrected.

Specifically 38.11% :wink:

What is the story they did not take the test because they could not read or write:p;-)

Or they didn’t realize the test is $300 and the initial license is $675.

How do you get issued a license # if you don’t take the state test?

Grandfathered in when licensing started?

About 1/3 of all license holders in any state do not do home inspections.

When you apply, you are issued an application number. When you turn in all your paperwork, proof of education, and take / pass the tests, the application number becomes your license number when you have paid your fees and turned in your final paperwork.

And about 1/3 of those who went to all the trouble to get a license, don’t offer home inspections. You can’t even get them on the phone.