InterNACHI Narratives updated

The Word version of the InterNACHI Narratives has been updated to make it easier to add narratives and faster to find them.

It used to be that adding narratives meant re-paginating the Table of Contents line by line. It was extremely tedious. The Table of Contents for each document can now be updated with three clicks.

Also, each page number in the Table of Contents is now a link to the narratives on that page. So if an inspector is looking for narratives on slate roof condition (located on page 37), Once Slate Condition is located in the Table of Contents, the inspector clicks the page number and is immediately taken to that Slate Condition heading on page 37, no scrolling involved.

And most importantly… the link to get them:

If I bought these 2 months ago do I get the updated free?

Yes, you only have to buy them once. Did you?

Kenton, I purchased the narratives the end of October. Will I need to re-download for the update? Or how do I go about getting the update?


Just check your email, Darryl.

Kenton, thank you very much!

Yes I purchased them in April

Apparently I lost track of time since I thought I just bought them two months ago but it has been almost 8 months. :

Kenton, i purchased these also, please send me the update.

Sent to the email address I got from your website, Sheehan.

They’re in your inbox, Ron.

Occasionally I don’t get notifications. Anyone else wanting updates can contact me directly at

Got it! Thank you Kenton!

I didn’t buy them…But can I get an update?
Just Jokin!

Sure Roy, only $99!

Please send the update to me as well…thanks

How do we buy them? Got a link?

email address?

You can buy the narratives here