InterNACHI Narratives updated

Kenton, I received your email Zip file. Thank you for the update.

I bought the CD. How does the updating work?

email me at and I’ll send you the update.


Please send me the update, just emailed you.

Thank you

For those wanting updates,

If I can find an email address on your website, I’ll send you the update, but I can’t attach it to a website response form, so please either post your email address here with your post on this thread, or email me at with your request and I’ll reply with the template.

Thanks! for the updates!

Thanks Kenton, I’ve recieved the update.

Thanks for the update Kenton!


Just got the narrative updates within a couple minutes of emailing. Looks great. Thanks Kenton !

Received, Thanks!

Thanks Kenton,


Wow that was sure fast Kenton. I just received them. I’d also like to add, I’ve been using them religiously since I first purchased them and consider them to have truly enhanced my report verbiage and find myself searching them constantly as a very reliable reference source. Thanks a million Kenton!



Thanks Kenton! They are always helpful!

Where in the hell do you get lifetime updates for $99. I think the guy must be a philanthropist and just loves to give away for charity (inspectors).

For all of my competitors, they are a huge waste of money and time do not buy them. Instead write about 10,000 narratives from scratch!

Thanks Kenton!


Just received the updated narratives and as usual there is much more there than one could imagine. The search feature is awesome and the update just expand my already large library that are 90% Kentons work.
Inspectors who do not have these are spending way to many hours and years trying to build their own library. This will give you a two year head start on all your competitors and the knowledge here will also expand your own understanding of many items.

Thanks again and like Russ said…You need to double your price right before you double your price and it will still be a bargain for anyone…period.

How do you update if you already have them. Thanks!