InterNACHI offer con.

I just got this email from Joel Singer, an InterNACHI Affiliate

*If you are spending too much time or money for posting on Facebook (or are so busy that you are not doing much at all), I thought you might be interested in an automated Facebook posting service from Applica Solutions.

For just $89/year for InterNACHI members, Applica offers a service that will automatically post valuable home care tips, ideas, articles and videos for you onto your Facebook pages, for the schedule you choose.

Setup only takes a few minutes, and for under $7.50 a month you’ll be saving time, money, and building your brand.

To see samples and learn more, visit:

Remember to use group code: “InterNACHI” to get the special InterNACHI member price. This discount will also apply to all of Applica’s other marketing automation tools for home inspectors (interactive eNewsletter, web SEO enhancers, mobile app, and more).


Joel Singer
APPLICA / Home Wizard
(508) 281-2050
InterNACHI Affiliate Member *

Here’s the thing. When you go to their site to sign up, it says the cost is $98, and the InterNACHI code gives you $9 so the service is then only $89. But read the terms of services first and you’ll see this…

*3. FEES. 3.1 Annual Fee. The cost of sponsorship of the site as described herein is $89 per year, payable in advance. If Sponsor terminates its sponsorship prior to the end of a year period, then Boston Digital will refund a pro-rated amount of Sponsor’s paid fees.

Can anyone say “Con Job!”

I’m thinking of offering web development services to InterNACHI members for a 50% discount, if you’ll just hang on for a while while I hike my price 200% first, I’ll have the offer up for anyone interested.

Thanks Len good info .Much appreciated … Roy .

More things they cover too .
reward effectiveness, and brand relationships:

  •                                                 Home Professionals
  •                                                 Home Improvement Retailers
  •                                                 Smart Home
  •                                                 Pet Care
  •                                                 Health & Wellness
  •                                                 Grocery
  •                                                 Insurance
  •                                                 Automotive
  •                                                 Financial Health & Wellness
  •                                                 SMEs (via Salesforce, etc.)

When I looked at them last year, this is what I was quoted for unlimited subscriptions including clients, Realtors, :

• $399/year (that’s just $33.25 per month).
• Saves $69 versus monthly pricing of $39/month.
• Includes everything to help you build your brand: customized eNewsletter with personalized home care reminders; mobile app version; social media Post-ables; web SEO enhancers; and more!
• Just one lead or referral can pay for your entire year.
• See how APPLICA’s pricing compares to other marketing services: competitor comparisons >

I subscribed for a free sample and must say that it is a very nice and Professional newsletter, but being close to retirement and have all the business that I care for, decided not to subscribe.
That price that you mentioned is for Facebook use only and term of use 3.1 could be for the special only (maybe)…

I have used them since Home Hints closed their doors. Joel is a top notch guy as I’ve spoken directly with him multiple times. This type of service is not for every one but works well to keep your brand in front of past clients and help provide tips to maintain their home. Which will lead to more inspections.

The service is very professional and integrates well with ISN and other social media platforms so it’s easy to use and takes a minimum amount of effort to maintain.

There seems to be a handful of individuals who think everything is a scam or have to find some obscure reason to support their rational for not using or participating. I agree that there have been a number of scams run here (Russel Ray’s newsletter is one that comes to mind). Too many have never even used or tried the various services they complain about.

Try this send Joel an email and express your concerns