InterNACHI online agreements

Previously I only used InterNACHI’s online agreement feature when clients were either out of town or unable to attend inspection, but I have noticed some great improvements in these last few months that have me thinking differently, I may start using with all my inspections. Awesome job, love it…….

It keeps getting better:

Best of all, if you ever get sued or suffer an insurance claim, InterNACHI will testify under oath that your client read and signed your agreement.

I use it for all clients

Nick, what are the terms and conditions for use of NACHI’s online agreement system and fetch report system?

You have to be an InterNACHI member.

Who has access to the data and client information provided by member inspectors?

Only the member. I can have our IT Department find a time-stamped agreement if you needed one for a lawsuit or insurance claim, but it takes some effort for them to pull it from archives. Other than that… no one else has access to it.

Just curious but is there a time limit as to how long a signed agreement is accessible from my account? I currently save them with client’s folder I create.

No time limit.

I Love it and so do my client’s. I use both agreements and fetch report. Thank You for the great work you guys do.

I use it too for most of my clients. I still have quite a few that still have to sign on-site because they didn’t do it ahead of time, but for the most part all my clients like it

Gary -

We never delete the agreements. They’re stored and backed up. I’m glad you like the system! If you ever have any ideas for improvements, email me at

I only use them for out of town Clients. Nice and easy to use and no hassles.
I also get my Clients to put money directly into my bank account at the same time. Easy as 1,2,3.

Tim, I have a request. I send out a few agreements in spanish due to the geographic area I operate in. My question is: As I was sending out this evenings agreement in spanish, I realized the prefilled email verbiage built into the agreement is only in English. It only makes sense, if I’m sending someone an agreement in spanish, to also advise them in the email that the “following” is the agreement they need to read and sign.

Am I making myself clear? If not, please pm me and I’ll go into more detail but, I think you understand what I mean. Thanks and if there is anyway this can also be altered as the agreement is, I for one would surely appreciate it.



I get what you are saying. One or more of our auto responders are in English only.

I’ll make you a deal Humberto: You post the English version followed by the Spanish version and I’ll have our IT Department change the response to one that includes both English and Spanish.

I’ll also ship you a case of these: no charge.

Sounds good. I appreciate the offer as well. I’ll get to it later today and post it here later. Thanks again Nick.


I couldn’t wait until later Nick. Here are both versions. First is the English version followed by the Spanish.

It’s what appears on my screen immediately following my sending my client their online agreement. It’s the screen they receive on their end. Thanks for your help as always. Much appreciated.


A contract between you and Florida State Property Inspections, LLC has been created online by InterNACHI’s Agreement System. To view and sign it, go to: and follow these instructions:

  • Enter your email address, then click “Get Your Inspection Agreement”.
  • Read over the agreement, then click the box by the paragraph that states “Client or Client’s Representative has carefully read…”
  • Make sure your name is correct and enter your initials.
  • If you are an agent signing on behalf of the client, click the box marked “I am an authorized representative…” and enter your name.
  • Click “Securely Sign”. Your IP address will be automatically stored to identify you.

After you’ve finished signing the agreement, the Inspector will be automatically notified.

Thank you!


Un contrato entre usted y {“Name of Inspection Company”} ha sido creado en línea por el Sistema de Acuerdo de InterNACHI. Para ver y firmarlo, vaya a: y siga estas instrucciones:

  • Introduzca su dirección de correo electrónico y haga clic en “Vea Su Acuerdo de Inspección”.
  • Lea el acuerdo y haga clic en el cuadro en el párrafo que dice “Cliente o Representante del Cliente ha leído cuidadosamente …”
  • Asegúrese de que su nombre es correcto e introduzca sus iniciales.
  • Si usted es un agente que firma en nombre del cliente, haga clic en la casilla “Yo soy un representante autorizado …” e introduzca su nombre.
  • Haga clic en “Firme de manera segura”. Su dirección IP será almacenada automáticamente para identificarlo.

Después de que haya terminado de firmar el acuerdo, el Inspector sera notificado de forma automática.




Hi Bert,

That’s an awesome idea! It would help our efforts in Mexico, too. Can you email me about it at I have more sections of the agreement system that would need to be translated, to be consistent. My conversational Spanish isn’t bad (I live in Colombia), but the legal wording trips me up.

What I’m thinking is to change the system so it can accept any language - primarily we deal with French, Spanish, and English - and the language for the agreement can just be chosen when the agreement is created. What do you think?



You know where you view the inspections and if it’s signed or not? It would be great if you could add on the same page time/date of inspection so we don’t have to click in to see. I am a multi inspector firm and we use the system to see what we have for the day/week.

Hi Billy,

Are you asking to have a input field, when you create the agreement, to schedule when it will actually happen?