InterNACHI Ontario event

I wanted to thank Eric and Susan for organizing such a successful event. It was great to meet a lot of the people that I interact with here on the forum. I’m disappointed that I missed speaking with some of the people that I wanted to.
It’s great to have so many mentors with the common goal of advancing the profession and helping others along.

I was also impressed with Dominic’s HIP presentation. I’m sure that a lot of guys using it aren’t even aware of it’s capabilities.

And thanks to Nick and Inspector Outlet for all the goodies.

It was great to hang you with Frank.

And my car liked hanging out your van and Scott Baker’s van in the parking lot. :slight_smile:

Together we’ve got this State covered. :smiley:

Was worth the 700 mile road round trip. Left home at 6 am got home at 3 am. It was an internachi day.

I like the paw on your hitch Frank.

Thanks Dave. I love my dogs.