Internachi outreach program

  • wouldnt it make sense for us(internachi) to develop a protocol for windmits like idepot has. we could form arrangement with carriers and eliminate the need for reinspections. we are on the front lines of these inspections. i know we have the resources for such an endeavour. we, as home inspectors, are the most qualified for insurance inspections.

Makes sense to me.

we have the software, a citizens approved course, an organized insurance inspectors chapter, bill york has expressed interest as consultant and would likely endorse us, live support via this board, we also have the largest network of inspectors in the state.

Now that’s thinking…

Excellent idea.

Great Idea!!

Great idea!!

This sounds like something that we were speaking of at the meeting.

The course needs to be approved by the CILB.

Great Dennis,
Let’s make it happen! where do we start? I am here to do and help with whatever needs to be done to make it happen. Let me know

Count me in.

Great Idea. Maybe we could do it for roof inspections and 4 points as well.

I thought that’s what NACHI Management was.

THATS the plan

Nachi management was a vehicle to subcontract reinspections for citizens under i. depot. This is a different concept, having nothing to do with reinspections, but rather eliminating the need for reinspections by guaranteeing submittal of accurate data through our organization.

Let me know what i can do D

I’m on board as well.

I’m interested…The devil will be in the details.

Got this email last week.

Vol. 3, Q2 2011

Wind Mitigation Inspection Training

Citizens Inspection and Outreach Program
Free Systems and Procedures Training

Registration Form_May Training.pdf

**[size=3]Free - Open House Recruitment Seminar - Citizens Inspection and Outreach Program

							**    May 24th:           2 -  4 PM
							                            6 -  8 PM
							    Location:            Fort Lauderdale
							Limited Seating. Confirm your seat by emailing 
							****[size=3]Free Citizens Wind Mitigation Procedures Training
							[/size]**        Wednesday May 25th All Day
							        [FONT=Verdana]Location:            Fort Lauderdale
							[/size][/FONT][FONT=Verdana]Limited, Seating. Confirm your seat by emailing 
							**Wind Mitigation Technical Training** [/FONT]
							8 Hours of Wind Mitigation Training. DBPR continuing credit hours, for Home Inspection.
							    Thursday May 26th All Day
							    [FONT=Verdana][size=2]Location:  Fort Lauderdale
							Cost is $200 with training manual. Register and Pre-Pay by May  19th and receive a $25 discount. Click to down load registration form.  Over 300 pages of systems, procedures, photographs, standards, all based  on the 1802 mitigation inspection report.

[size=4][size=2]TEL: 1 888 589 2112

							[Class Registration Form](
							Inspection fees paid to approved inspectors start at $85 for the Citizens Inspection and Outreach Program.
							[Currently recruiting inspectors for various inspection programs, Commercial and Residential, including 
							Home Inspectors, Engineers
							Architects Adjustors..](
							 								  							 							 								  								  								  								  								  							 							 								  								 []( 								  								 []( - 1 888 589 2112

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Thats exactly what we discussed at the meeting ! :smiley:

Aubrey, I made a thread about that email a few notches down.

needs to be done; makes no sense for us to have to qualify and work under I depot and carry exorbitant insurance for their benefit

Wow! Some very good out of the box thinking going on, count me in. :smiley: