InterNACHI partners with National Institute of Fire and Safey Training.

Hey Nick, do you know if there will be any type of online education concerning fire safety?


How come you deleted my post with questions about this organization?
Any truths?? Any answers??

I make it a point to know about fire safety organizations, since they normally are involved in electrical standards by some means. I never heard of this one, so that piqued my curiosity. It appears NiFAST never existed until maybe a few weeks ago. Sounds like an organization created expressly to add artificial credibility. Sort of like The Wizard of Oz scene where Toto ripps down the curtain where the little man was operating The Great Oz machine. The man replied “Pay no attention to the main behind the curtain”. :slight_smile: That man is Nick, and his reply will follow along a similar theme, I suspect.

The “artificial credibility” is worrying. Members have been sucking it up!!!

Well, if it worrying you so much, non-members such as you and Marc can certainly choose not to CONSTANTLY come to OUR Association message board and blow your own horn, so to speak, without “losing” anything. This board used to be a place where someone who doesn’t pretend to know EVERYTHING could come and ask a question and benefit from the wealth of knowledge shared here. More and more, it is becoming a place to listen to old ladies gossip at the fence.

Hey man, I just come here to answer a question or two, if I can. When I read the original post in this thread, however, it begged a response. Don’t take my word for it. Do your own due diligence and I believe that you will be forced to come to the same conclusion.

If you ask me, Nick is a marketing genius, and this is just another example of that. I wish I was 1/2 as smart as him in that regard. Sometimes, however, the efforts are so paper thin that it makes me smile and chuckle that they were even attempted. The man has to try, however, and I understand that completely. I think it is no coincidence that Nick posts the wackiest stuff (the one’s which beg a response from me also) in the miscellaneous forum, where non-members cannot respond.

On a side note, do you suppose that 100K in books might come from a print-on-demand publisher? :slight_smile:

Well, you should take time to follow James Bushart’s (a former ESOP member) posts complaining about the changing nature of the organization into a vendors’ customer list. He proudly has on his posts that’s he’s an ASHI member…something going amiss here or is it Nick’s grand marketing scheme hitting full stride while HI’s still have some $$ left from the good times…he’s got to get those $$$ before it all goes dead.

I questioned another one of his “partnerships” and product promotions a few weeks ago…members became detectives and within a few hours had linked the address to this product to Prolab!! And IMHO it wasn’t as good a product as claimed. I’m still waiting for independently verified figures to the newer accepted test standard for this product!!!

So did you get a chance to check out the fire “institute”???

WEB FICTION…A virtual growth story!!!

Marc writes:

I was looking for organizations to provide fire and life safety training to our local chapters as we are moving more and more toward commercial inspections ( … and they sent me their curriculum and called me. We’ve also found a few firms to provide commercial kitchen inspection training too.

We operate in nearly every English speaking country. Our website is 230,000 pages long and gets 260 million hits a year. We are by far the largest provider of accredited inspector education that ever existed. We host hundreds of inspection related events a year. We either outright operate or strongly influence everything in this industry from laboratories to software companies to report hosting to websites to insurance companies to publishers to schools to professional designations to other associations to on and on and on. The amount of work we do in this industry exceeds all organizations, vendors, and schools combined

The ridiculous accusation that the world’s largest inspection trade association has to set up some kind of little school to partner with for the purpose of “adding credibility” is totally ludicrice!

Okay, more directly then. Did the association do that anyhow? :stuck_out_tongue:

What say you to the point that this institute does not appear to have existed before a few weeks ago?

Fair question.

I email exchanged with them, spoke with the owner a few times on the phone, and reviewed their training program. I judged them on their program, not their start up date. For instance…ASTM was founded over 100 years ago and managed to write many very excellent standards and at least 2 horrible standards. ASHI was founded 35 years ago and still has no entrance requirements. So as to the charge that I’m ignorant or apathetic about when they launched their program, I reply:

I don’t know and I don’t care.

It was actually two questions.

I only answered your second question as I didn’t understand your first. If you can explain what you are asking perhaps I can answer.

No, thanks. Your non answer speaks more than your answer would.

Once again, the puny brains miss the point. I usually don’t say anything during these juvenile arguments/posts of “mine is bigger than yours”, or “I know more about this, that, or the other than you do”. I won’t argue the minutia over your statements. Doesn’t work, because you don’t get the main point, which is this:
Why do you come to this website, this message board, and bitch, moan, and complain, attack people’s character/motives, and make accusations, in an association that YOU DON’t EVEN BELONG TO??? That would be like me complaining about what the International Association of Widget Makers is doing in their association. Not my business, because I don’t belong to the International Association of Widget Makers. Don’t come to our sandbox, and complain about it…just don’t come…man.

The one minute point that I will reply to, is that I have followed what James B. has done and said on this message board. He works in my state, 2 hours from here. I have corresponded with him, A FELLOW MEMBER, when they tried to pass licensing legislation here last year. It failed, in no small part, to James’ efforts. Like him or dislike him, he is a MEMBER here, is passionate about this industry, and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. At least he is trying to change things from the INSIDE.

I know that everyone has an opinion, and you can opine in many places. I just don’t see where people who are not members of something, CONSTANTLY go to that place, and complain about what that place is doing to/for it’s member. If you don’t like it, there is the door. The only complaint I have about INACHI is that my membership dues help pay for a message board that lets self-inflated idiots on that very board to run down the association that I am paying dues for!
Sorry for ranting/venting…that’s what happens when you let the pressure build up for too long.

Damn, I gotta go to bed…where’s the Tylenol!!!

Actually, mine is bigger than yours, but let’s stay on topic here.

Simple. It entertains me to do so. It’s very interesting here. I think I’ve been at least helpful enough to offset the occasional bitching and moaning. Just trying to keep the scale even. :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be silly, because everyone knows that there’s no such thing as a widget.

See if there’s any ties here:

A widget is a fictional product that is commonly referred to in college business courses, as the actual product is not germain to the conversation. How about if I would have used the “International Association of Guys That Use Old, Black and White Photos of What They Looked Like 20 Years Ago”? :shock: (sorry, couldn’t pass it up!)

And you do have some interesting comments/answers. Many times, I do look for your posts in the electrical section, due to your obvious knowledge in that area. If you find it so “interesting” here, pay your $289 and become a member in an interesting organization. (Sorry Nick, couldn’t pass up the chance to try and make a “sale” :mrgreen:…it’s a conspiracy, you know!!

Nice try. :cool: It would be of zero benefit to me.

How about this: I am a iNACHI benefit to you. How about you pay me half that? :wink:

“International Association of Guys That Use Old, Black and White Photos of What They Looked Like 20 Years Ago”?

Hmm. I think you may be on to something here…Why didn’t I think of starting that org.? hehe.