InterNACHI Position on nonionizing radiation and EMR hazards?

I haven’t joined yet so this may come off as a bit nosey for a guest, so a little background first.

I’m interested in obtaining training and certification to provide inspections and mitigation consultation for these hazards after being repeatedly injured and becoming partially disabled by exposures to smart meters.

I was an auto tech for twenty years and had decided to switch to clean, air conditioned, and well paid IT work, and had obtained A+ certification and was working on CCNA when my gas utility snuck a stealth meter onto my property. (Stealth meters have analog dials so look for an FCC label)

They installed this right next to my home office and it was aimed right at my gonads where I sat at my computer.

Over nine months of daily exposure I got extremely sick, and eventually pinpointed that as the cause, removing it provided immediate relief of those symptoms, but now I’m electromagnetically hypersensitive and “IT geek” in no longer viable work as a career option because I can’t be around that equipment now either.

I bought instruments in the course of handling the dunce grid sneak attack …so I’m here with the intention of lemonade-ing some of my money back by helping other victims, and I need a job badly.

That’s what started the mechanic career…$500 VW karmann ghia…if I wanted it I had to make it work…

I’m trying to keep this light so I don’t alienate the industry before I join, but I know four people who had strokes within two days after having smart meters installed, including my father who died.

I can prove it(cause and effect), and I will provide the evidence in this thread and share everything I have on the topic.

Regarding the thread title, I wanted to raise the topic of a position statement or something similar as a community and organization action, because other professional organizations have done it and it’s easy and potentially effective as an intervention on behalf of public safety and your mission.

Over a year ago I found this site and was going to begin training when my father was injured the first time. That event and the trouble I went through saving him, injuries I sustained installing shielding changed my mind:

immediate regulatory or injunctive relief was needed to prevent a public health disaster, so instead of training as an inspector I’ve been working on that.

That’s a slow process, so I’m going to try and do both now, but I was wondering how you all were feeling about having to ignore the fact every house you inspect that has smart grid isn’t safe and there’s no box to check to warn them.


Your house is fully up to current codes and industry standards!(yikes-I wouldn’t want to sleep next to that thing…should I say something?)

Other groups like the American Academy of Environmental medicine have issued position statements against that defective dangerous technology, and I would like this organization to consider making one if I can prove this is true

A press release and Send it to the FCC, Health Canada and the code committees and formally (mostly symbolically probably)object…

“As inspectors we object to being put in the position of declaring these homes up to standard when they aren’t safe to live in.”

Something to that effect.

From my perspective, - about to invest time and money to obtain credentials- I’m dreading the likelyhood that after obtaining credentials there will be obstructions to fulfilling the purpose of obtaining them.

And if the community addresses it now it’d save me from beginning work as a boat rocker in the eyes of members of this and interlocking professions like construction, real estate,

Elephant in the China closet. I don’t want a real estate agent mad at me because I was hired for a buyer’s inspection and concluded the transaction with “I think it’s a sound house, but I wouldn’t want to live here it’s not safe.”

Or maybe that should be the thread title- Elephant in the China Closet.

…Hi everybody…Noob here, brought M&M’s for everybody and trouble…my name is Pete! Peanut or chocolate? You’re welcome nice to meet you too…I move we add an item to the next executive committee meeting agenda…no I’m not a member yet…do I hear a second?

Haha, I’m not trying to be that cheesy, by intent regardless of result.

I read the threads I found on a smart meter search before posting this, posted a reply in the Canadian forum on accident(members only).

I’ll repost that information in this thread a bit later.


Here are the documents I wanted to post on the member’s only Smart Meter thread on the Canadian Inspector subforum:

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: A summary by Dr. Erica Mallory-Blythe

Eight page document with about 70 pages of hot-linked references in pdf format.

If you don’t have time for seven pages here’s two pages from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine; their position statement(and I’m proposing this organization simply follow this example and produce something similar, rather than imply approval/consent by remaining silent)

1000s of smart meter fires and explosions, and WHY they ignite and/or explode:

Video at link.

Red blood cell deformation from smart meters live blood analysis:

Short clip.

For those who skip videos, a quick sumary…Electrosensitive and non-sensitive people stood next to a smart meter for a few minutes, then blood was immediately drawn and examined under a dark field microscope.

Dramatic red blood cell deformation in clumping in all samples.

One of the sensitive subjects couldn’t endure, had to abort the test because of discomfort, but even the control group which felt no discomfort had necrotic blood.

Chime in and challenge anything at any time if so inclined.

I can go in various directions with the thread, to make it more interesting and informative…

A narrative of what happened to me and my father and other victims.

I can impeach the ridiculous and flagrantly untrue smart grid “educational materials”

I can propose safe ways you could implement ^^^^^ those features if anybody wants them.

But there’s an easier way to load balance and manage peak load than the flimflam about smart meters which can’t and weren’t ever intended to.

As time permits I’ll try to add the most important information, and I may clean up the OP stylistic crimes against good writing.

Search results indicate it hasn’t been a hot topic here, so probably isn’t on the minds of members generally, so barging in here as a guest and suggesting the organization issue a press release may come off as

kinda Quixotic…

It is, but that’s going to work to our advantage once I get to the narrative, stay tuned.

It’s a weird story.

If you search “Smart Meters” stroke, you will find lots of anecdotal examples from news articles and smart meter forums, where people are complaining of strokes, mini-strokes and heart attack like symptoms which the victims attribute to their newly installed dunce meter.

I was sickened and hyper-sensitized by a dunce gas meter, and after I removed it my health improved then one day I got a call from my father complaining he couldn’t walk. He was struggling to get up out of chairs, and once he started moving he lost control of his walking and would speed up and careen into things.

After some Q&A we determined the cause: he had forgotton to pay his electric bill, had his power shut off, and after he paid the bill the electric company swapped out his meter as they reconnected him. This phone call is two days after the meter was installed.

I took a bus to Lawton and drove him to Tulsa in his car and put him up in my deceased grandmother’s home, because I had no hot water, oven/stove no natural gas.

Her home was deadly too. THe dunce gas meter was right next to the bedroom where she had her stroke, her bathroom plumbing was emitting microwave signals, and the wall wiring had induced dirty electricity three times higher than the rest of the house induced either by the gas meter transmitters or the grounding system.

On the other end of the home deadly Itron Dunce electric meter.

I bought two sheets of lead flashing from a roofing supply, and hung one in between the gas meter and the outside wall of the house, and screwed the other one into the cabinets in the garage behind the electric meter. Then I installed stetzer and greenwave filters throughout the house and knocked the transients down from 135-485/second to 8 throughout.

Within three days my dad was trotting around and doing stairs normally.

But I was injured.

In the course of jerry-rigging that house safe for him, I first took a few readings with my RF meter. When I checked the electric meter I got hit with a pulse that felt like I had been shot in the heart with a dart.

The pinky finger to middle finger on my left arm went numb, up to the top of that shoulder, I had chest tightness, and sudden collapse of energy and was screwed up for about five days after LEAD and coathangers day.

And that has happened to me at least six times since from standing within ten feet of one of Itron’s or GE’s electric dunce meters.

Every single time. The first time taking the instrument readings, I was at least 10-12 feet away from it, but they have a range of over 2 miles so inverse square law applies, but my RF meter was pegged out of range.

THe other instances happened delivering a powerwheelchair I had fixed up to a veteran in Broken Arrow, Ok and he and his wife BOTH were having trouble walking right after their death meter was installed. I got zapped in the heart again just stepping around in his back yard to confirm the suspiscion.

30 seconds back there and maybe five minutes in his garage and I was ruined for five days.

Another instance was at a law firm…on my way in to interview the attorney to SUE about this I got zapped.

MY dad went home and was crippled again, so we hired an electrician to remove his service entrance, LEAD BANDAID the wall and install some extra outlets for filters which he botched.
Nonetheless, it worked and my father recovered again.

Then in May of last year he lost his ability to walk again, I was stranded and couldn’t get him, but sent my aunt to help, by the time she arrived he had been to the ER and released,(because they couldn’t find anything wrong with him by their methods)

And had a stroke.

PSO had installed two more meters on the homes adjacant to his, and bot were on walls facing his, and so one was within 20 feet from him in the living room, and the other was about 15 feet from his bed.

He couldn’t get out of bed, slid into the gap between the bed and the wall, got stuck there and had a stroke.

He died on May 18, 2014.

Here is how I can prove these things are toxic and dangerous even if they don’t ignite or explode:

Have doctors take EEG/ECG/EMG and stress tests on my body in a safe environment.

Put me in the enclosure I sleep in now, in a wheelchair, in a parking lot with portable EEG/ECG/EMG installed on me. Bag my head, roll me out, spin me around like pin the tail on the donkey, then park me either NEXT to a dunce meter, or NOT NEXT TO one.

Record the heart attacks.

I’m willing to do that because I’m otherwise healthy and I don’t want your family members dying, and I want to play frisbee golf in a park without these things on the lamp posts.

The system that is supposed to prevent things like stroke zappers and lead in the water is broken. I hope NACHI members speak out because it’s going to create a housing glut.

Vacant houses, nobody wants to inspect.

Strokes, long on the decline among the elderly, are rising among younger adults

You passed the termite inspection with flying colors!

THat’s the good news…

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But that’s rather complicated and there is no opt-out provision so allow me to turn you over to our friends at KCPL and Tendril…by the time you have finished the program all your concerns will be forgotton:

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