InterNACHI raising membership fees

Message was received.

Where on your dashboard did you see this?

At very top when I logged in to start an agreement. Also under my avatar it said “Guest”

Yes, an email indicating increased membership fees, or a choice to not renew, would be proper, IMHO.

Seems odd, possibly a glitch in the system?

Hi Chris,
It looks like there was an issue with your billing. We send out email notifications when issues like that arise, and we also post a message on your member dashboard to alert you. After looking into your account it appears that your rate has not increased, and we do not raise our fees for someone who is grandfathered in at a past rate. If a member has questions or sees an issue with their billing, we advise sending us an email or giving Member Services a call so we can help you directly: (303) 223-0861


Thanks for the update, Jazmin! :smile:

Thanks for replying Jazmin. If there was an issue with billing it was on your end. Nothing has changed in the last year with credit card info you had. Also my credit card info was no longer present at my “billing”. I had to enter new CC info.
I did Not receive any email about this. I just found out when I logged in today.
As far as not raising rates for someone who is grandfathered that’s not true on my end.
I was given three choices to reactivate my account. Two were for new membership prices.
The other was for a monthly payment of $28 (grandfathered). Those are exact words on my dashboard.
My previous monthly payment, last month, was $24.08.
That will be close to $50 more per year.

And there is no message concerning who to contact.

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Due to our privacy policy, we cannot go into further detail about your billing in a public forum. We will have our development team look into your account to see if there was an issue when sending you the email notification. If you would like to discuss further, you can reach us at the number I provided in my previous reply, or you can send us an email. Our contact information can always be found here:

Mine have never changed thank you INachi

Marc Goldenberg:
This is a reminder that your InterNACHI membership will be auto-renewed (using the payment method we have on file) for $289 on May 9th. If you would like to use a different payment method, go to our billing page:

Like I said others have had the same issue. Jim and I joined the same month of 2007.


Hopefully it’s all ironed out now!

It took a couple days Chris but Jazmin eventually managed to get it straightened out…I’m guessing someone in the office just doesn’t like us…really i think it is just a bug in the renewal process …

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