InterNACHI recently purchased a quarter million dollar IR camera.

It originally sold for $40,000.00 in 1972. In today’s dollars, that would be $250,000.00! We recently paid $200 for it.

Come see it at the Inspection Museum:


Nice work.
Does it function?
Must be a cooled detector. They where huge.

Nick, can anyone donate something to the Inspection Museum?

Who’s that hansom women at the bottom of the page;)
Happy for you big guy.

Here is a link of the model.

It was for holdover fires in firefighting.
fires that go undetected after the fire had thought to have been suppressed.

Well now Robert that is interesting. Could you please provide further documentation?

It was also used for flat roof scans, medical uses, electrical and more…

Anyone can donate to the museum. INTERNACHI will pay for the item and the shipping.