InterNACHI recommended in Angie's List article about Florida inspector licensing.

InterNACHI inspectors recommended in Angie’s List article.

Mixed feelings - Article seems to slam the new licensed home inspector. I get the feeling that it is easier to be a licensed home inspector then it was to be a home inspector when there were no requirements whatsoever. Go figure - so much for going professional.

Correct. It is easier to be a licensed home inspector than a real one.

Being a building contractor without the proper training does not qualify one to do home inspections at all.

I recommend that any US state of Provincial provence in Canada look at the provence of British Columbia, Canada. British Columbia has the most strict requirements to be a certified home inspector. The leader in the provence is the Applied Science Technologists & Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC) whole soley spearheaded and lobied for many years with the provencial goevernment to licence home inspectors in the provence of British Columbia. The association under the British Columbia Institute of Property Inspectors certify building inspector and are the only association in BC to do so. As a factural note, The Canadian Association of Home Property Inspectors (CAHPI) sat on the side lines and where not involved with the licencing process. This association does not certify inspectors but are only Registered Home Inspectors (RHI). (there are several inspectors with this association listed as associate before recieving full RHI and they have to perform 200+ inspections on there own - beware consumer). This is how licencing came into the home inspection industry and specificly with so many run of the mill so called home inspectors
Anyway, any state or other provence should look at the ASTTBC & BCIPI model and how it is Regulated by the Consumer Protection of BC which is simple and protects the home buying consumer.

Dave: CanNACHI is also an approved inspection association for licensing in BC:

This whole Florida Licensing thing kinda reminds me of the scene in “The Stand” toward the end when Glen Bateman (played by the late Ray Walston) was in the jail cell and finally met Randall Flagg, well to refresh your memory he begins by saying something like “Randall Flagg and not half the boogie man we expected” then he burst into laughter saying “we made such a business of you and it turns out that you are nothing more than another cockroach scurrying around running little roach errands”, you get the picture.

Well it appears that we Florida Home Inspectors for years made such a business of this licensing bullsh!t when in the end anyone who wants a license will be handed one. End of hysterical rant.

The goal seems to have been to get the HI out of pretending to be mold inspectors. Anyone can start a home inspection business, easy now and same next year.

just another take


Is there still that 10SqFt thingy in the Home Inspector bill?

Didn’t really pay much attention to HI bill, and the mold bill doesn’t address HI’s and mold.

468.84 Legislative purpose.–The Legislature finds it necessary in the interest of the public safety and welfare, to prevent damage to real and personal property, to avert economic injury to the residents of this state, and to regulate persons and companies that hold themselves out to the public as qualified to perform mold-related services.

Whatever. :roll:

Like many bozos who hold government-issued licenses… non-home inspectors (mold-only hucksters who lack a well-rounded, holistic understanding of homes) are not qualified to perform mold inspections.

To be a qualified mold inspector one needs an understanding of stuff like roof leaks, drainage, grading, downspouts, gutters, ventilation, foundations, insulation, sump pumps, plumbing leaks, HVAC, condensation, vapor barriers, etc. The mold-testing part of being a qualified mold inspector is, like the license… almost negligible.

I agree and we (4 inspectors) had no problem getting required insurance and can meet the mold inspector license requirements of any state.