InterNACHI release its new "Florida Adjusters" course. Online and free.

It is the largest course we’ve ever produced with over 138,000 words.

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I am already a Florida All Lines Independent Adjuster, but I took a peak at the course material to see if it was up to snuff. Just for fun I took the final exam whereby I cheated (for fun) by using my manual from an adjuster class that I took. I failed the final exam miserably, just for fun of course. Good luck to those of you taking this course not for fun. It will be a solid challenge.

Kind of scarey that you are an adjuster and failed this exam, especially using a book from your class.

This class has little to do with what an adjuster does. It is the background information that an adjuster needs. Most of an adjuster could easily look up. No doubt not being a practicing adjuster I would not do well on the test either. The only real way to fully understand adjusting is to take further classes on reporting software and work in the field.

The course, like all our courses, is way more than you’ll ever need.

It’s one thing to know the material – quite a different thing to have it memorized and at your immediate disposal at all times. ---- I was somewhat joking about referencing my class manual, although out of curiousity I did look up a few of the questions. Without taking the course, a practicing adjuster would have problems passing the final exam.

A lot of these projects almost go overboard in their attempts to fulfill our goal of InterNACHI being the biggest and best at everything IMHO. 138,000 words?!

I’ll give you another recent example, the Mastering Roof Inspections Series. It now looks like it will have in excess of 150 different sections when completed. :roll:

What John S. says is exactly right. The typical Adjusters classes do not teach adjusting at all. It only briefly mentions the various types of adjusters and some smattering about the laws governing them in the various States. It is almost 95% about INSURANCE. It goes into great details about the types, rules, laws, coverage limitations, etc. Once someone gets their license they then have to find a mentor or a company willing to take them on to train them about how to be an adjuster. Up until just recently there were no additional classes one could take independently on how to do scopes, use the software for creating the reports but there are now. Now there are classes for all the additional training you need to be successful in the Adjusting world. They are not cheap and usually involve traveling to a major city and staying several days to a week.

When I went and got my FL adjusters license the class was about $300 so if this course covers all that is needed (and more) and is free, then if you want to get into this line of work, jump on it but know you can not then just jump out there and start doing insurance adjusting. You will get you butt handed to you when you screw up. Just to let you know, I know some adjusters who are not getting any work at all. There almost has to be a national disaster for there to be any real money made and then you have to scramble to get in front of the big operations to get a piece of the pie. Like home inspections, you can’t just sit on your backside and wait for the phone to ring while you play solitare on the computer.

Some other things, you again have to fingerprinted, background checks, and carry a bond ($250K in FL), get CEUs, most likely want to carry E & O as well as all the other assets needed for having a separate business.