InterNACHI releases "How to Perform Energy Audits" FREE online 3-day course.

This is the largest course InterNACHI has developed to date.

Take InterNACHI’s free, online “How to Perform Energy Audits” course now.

What tools do you need to perform these? IR camera and blower door?

Awesome Nick. How does “the office” keep outdoing themselves?

We have a big banner in the office that says “Do Something Today to Make it Suck to be a Non-Member:cool:

I believe that the verbage should be “Do Something Today that Makes it Suck to be a Non-Member:cool: Using the present/future tense of course.

Thanks John. I’ve ordered a new banner with your edit.

It truly must suck to be a non-member. LOL :smiley:

I wouldn’t know what that’s like.

Good course. The test had some issues though. Several questions seemed to be regarding diagrams or images but they were missing. So you just had to take a guess.

Was a very informative course. glad I’m a Member:D