InterNACHI releases new FREE Inspecting HVAC Energy Efficiency online course.

I wonder what it’s like to be a non-member. It must be like being real stupid.

I was a non-member of any home inspection association for over 7 years and averaged 480 inspections a year from 2001 through 2008. I am lucky now to do one third that amount. Thanks to the economy and Kansas HI licensing.

I got a call this morning from a “Kansas home inspector board member” who asked me if I would be interested in a seat on the board. I said yes. He then continued talking, and asked where I lived. I told him the KC area. He then said sorry, that he was looking for a board member who lived in western Kansas.

He had the non-sense of not looking at my address listing, or thinking of the district I was in before calling. Goes to show you what type of yeah-hoos are on this board. Worthless. I guess I have to be under $200 per inspection, act kindly to the RE agents, write say-nothing reports by law, all to get business these days.

Professional is no longer a term used in any industry.

What does that have to do with the price of eggs? :shock:

Just venting. Tired of spending $$$ for advertising and not seeing a return. Talked to several of my RE clients, they all say the same thing; selling listings, just no buyers.

If listings are selling, who is doing the inspections? At least my fall job starts soon, so I can start making some money part-time. Point is since joining InterNACHI, my business has fallen. I cannot even afford the $99 for the marketing seminar in August in Topeka.

Done on this message board.

CYA. Good luck to all.