InterNACHI releases new, free, online Attic, Insul, Ventilation, and Interior course

Looks good.

Ditto, does look very comprehensive Nick…!

I think I will try this one, might have a better chance than with my bugs on the WDI course. :mrgreen::wink:

Well since I had a hard time with the bugs, I took this one and went directly to the final exam to see what would happen, Wow, got an 84 without reading anything.
Now I am curious as to what I missed so I will have to go back and read the darn thing. :mrgreen::wink:

Ben, thank you for all you do. Great testing material. You provide members with material that no other organization does, and this puts us at the top of the totem pole.

Inachi, the Elite Home Inspection Organization

Yeah, the WDO Inspection course is insane. I tried to breeze through it and bombed. I’m half way through it for the second time.

So it’s not just me that is thinking this course is a hard one… few! Going through the material right now, and having a tough time! Very indepth course however, and enjoying every minute of it!

Marcel, I too was tempted to skip to the Final Exam on this Attic-Insul-Vent-Interior course. I think I could have passed it that way. But I’m really glad that I took the time to read through it first. It was very comprehensive, contained plenty of info that I already knew AND plenty of new info for me, too. (And yes, I did pass the exam!)

I was surprised, though, at how much Code was included. Not a lot at first, but as the course went on, Code was quoted more and more. That seems like too much unnecessary detail for an inspectors course. I was trained not to quote Code, and I still believe that is the best policy. The Final Exam even had two Code questions on it. Other than that, it’s a very helpful course.

James, I think everyone should take the course, and that includes myself.
I was being a smart butt by trying to take the course without reading it just to prove something to myself.
I will take the course and read it and test again.
Very good material put together by Inachi one more time.
The amount of time and effort that is dedicated to this educational tools by Inachi are second to none for this industry.
I for one take all that comes by.
I still am fighting with the WDI course, and that has got to be the hardest one so far.
Good luck in other similar courses.
I’ll be right behind you. :):smiley:

Good course Nick, thanks a lot.:smiley:
Since I was home today, due to the blowing snow and wind, I decided to take this course, and I passed.
Very lengthy, but chock full of information. The mini-quizzes in between sure help to reinforce the material.

thanks again,