InterNACHI releases new homepage.

IMO I still don’t like the cartoons and prefer sharper bolder colors.

In stating that, the website does what it’s supposed to - bring in new inspectors. Although the site has a link to find an inspector, which will get them to you, the main purpose of this site is designed for what it was meant for.

I like the scrolling of all the logos created by InterNachi for it’s members. How about making those logos “interactive”, link them to the actual site for that inspector? Just a thought.

I like it. Way better.

So all you need to do Jeff is log into Wikipedia as an author ( :smiley: ) and edit the page so relevant links are put in place for you. Now clicking on those links will take you directly to the new site, the message board or the members only section.

I don’t really like it. Nothing for the clients. Good for Nachi to get newbies (I guess, not really sure it does that either) but with this new look I see no reason to send any clients here anymore.

Just my opinion.


We didn’t surmise. We surveyed your potential clients to find out what about an inspection association would cause them to choose an inspector who belonged to that association. The two overwhelming winners were “Certifications” and “Training.”

It wasn’t even a close race.

Then we A/B tested ways to attract attention to those two words (in the split second visitors spend on the homepage). The counters (odometer graphics) worked like a charm for that.

I would like to see “find an inspector” displayed more prominently. It kind of gets lost as it is.

Yes Nick, you and the designer of the page know where every button/link is, but it should be easy for a HI to at least see the message board and the store links since they are part of InterNACHIs bread and butter. Some one has to take the webpage to an outside non related source and say " find and Click on this or that" and see if they can in less than 4-5 seconds.


A little “cartoonish” for me. Large fonts/sections. Not much for home buyers, IMO. I agree to what has been said on this thread. No CMI or NACHI logos. Nothing for agents that I can see. Pretty plain. For home inspectors only, which is great for NACHI marketing purposes.

It seems to be targeting individuals that want to be inspectors. The purpose is to increase “membership”. That’s what the homepage says to me.