InterNACHI releases new Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Property.

Nick, this is phenomenal. Another NACHI first. Thanks.

Joe Farsetta helped me a bunch.

Attorney Mark Cohen did too.

nice work, nick
thank you

3. Use
3.1 Royalty-free use
[INDENT]*Although this standard is protected by copyright and other laws, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) hereby grants non-exclusive, royalty-free license to all members of InterNACHI and their clients and all government agencies and government employees throughout the world to use this code as desired including making copies, posting, transmitting, and incorporating into reporting software, free of charge, without the need for pre-approval, provided that each use is clearly attributed to InterNACHI. *

*Acceptable examples of attribution include “performed in accordance with InterNACHI’s Commercial SOP,” “based on InterNACHIcomsop-2008” or "see" *

*Nothing in this license shall preclude InterNACHI from modifying this standard and users should regularly check for the latest revision at *](



Why is that interesting? Do you see something there that I don’t?

More than interesting, Clever like a fox!

Let anyone in the world use the standard for free, because there is only one other standard (ASTM), and it is so full of holes and inconsistencies that no one who has ever read it would want to use it. And then they have to pay to use it.

By Nick making this “open source” it should quickly become the defacto standard. That way, when the client is needing an inspection to our standards, they automatically call one of us to do the work.

Thanks Nick!

I had at least 40 building departments already contact me to confirm they can use the accessibility checklist found in


after a quick review, I like what you have here, I’m still partial to the terms PCA and PCR, respectively property condition assesment, and property conditon report or review. The language on the Initial paragraph may need some polishing as well, but as a living documnet, these can be deliberated and changed if needed, well done.

Thanks Mike. I learned a lot from taking your 3 day commercial inspection course we sponsored. I’ll take any additional help you can give.

Mike did teach a great course.

Thanks for the pat on the back Mr. Braun.

I haven’t read the “document” as of yet, but will soon (still a little busy working in December).

I went to the commercial course in Denver - Thanks Nick, and Mike.

I hope you can notify all of the “commercial certified” inspectors of these standards, as some of us don’t log into the discussion boards very often.

Thanks guys - this kind of thing is always appreciated.