InterNACHI releases Phase I S.O.P. for Inspecting Fireplaces and Chimneys.

The point is…Nick…that you are confusing the hyperbole that you use to attract new members to join your “whatever-you-would-like-it-to-be” association with truth.

The “depth” of what you publish begins and ends with you…and whoever you commission to help you.

You are right. I shouldn’t have confused everyone. Hey everyone, send back all the free stuff


I joined in March of 2008. I have a renewal application sent to me this week in the mail. Should I rejoin? This industry is getting more confusing everyday, and with the new Kansas bill requiring you to join a national orginization now unconstitutional, why should I? I need that $289. What RE or buyer in his/her right mind would read a chimney SOP like this? It would scare them off. And, it scares me.

I can attest to the truth in this statement, NACHI is very generous to those vendors who promote NACHI which in my personal experience has been a win-win for everyone involved.

Thanks again Nick

I just completed my training as an InterNACHI certified chimney inspector. I was trying to understand the difference between InterNACHI Phase 1 and the NFPA level 1 inspection criteria when I came across this thread.

As the Phase two S.O.P. was in the works back in 2008, was it ever released? Is it still in the works?

I know my earlier post revived an old thread, but I did not want to start a new thread on the same topic.

I could not find an InterNACHI Phase II S.O.P., and there were no replies here. I expect this means that the Phase II S.O.P. development plans were never developed. Understandably so, since it would be hard to perform without including a basic chimney cleaning to ensure a good view of the interior surfaces.

Please let me know if any other chimney inspection developments are underway.